20 Riders Share Plans for Fall Motorcycle Rides

With a riding season that seems to get shorter every year, northern riders have to eke out every possible day of riding.  We asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine about their plans for fall motorcycle riding, and they came up with some excellent destinations.


motorcycle rides20 Riders Share Their Plans for Fall Motorcycle Rides


  1. Greg H. The eastern townships of Montreal, should be some nice color.


  1. Kevin G.  Have one week to myself in October. Will ride east or west until I see something worth stopping for.


  1. Mark K.  Just touring Vancouver Island, my home, until the end of the season.


  1. Fred B.  Vancouver fire fighters burn ride, Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs


  1. Noel H.  I’d still like to go from my place to Mt. Robson and back through Prince George. That’s only a couple of day’s worth but Lots of riding.


  1. Todd M.  PEI next weekend, Yarmouth and maybe Cape Breton


  1. Sandi S. Port Dover next Friday the 13th


  1. Mark-John H.  if I had that bike… I’d be doing some planning… my cruiser just won’t ride when it gets rough


  1. Brenda B. Heading to Port Dover next weekend, and Huntsville the last weekend of September.


  1. Roderick P.  I’m leaving tomorrow for Minneapolis from Southern Ontario. There via Detroit and back home through Sault St. Marie in three days. I hope.


  1. Manny F. From Delaware to Lake George, New York.


  1. Pj B. Great pic.


  1. Barbara A.  I’ll be out Friday 13th celebrations at Port Dover as well. With only one Friday 13th this year, I was in withdrawal mode! LOL


  1. Cory D. What – summer is over? Didn’t get nearly enough riding in so I guess I have to make up for lost time this fall. Guessing it’s going to be around the Ottawa Valley.


  1. Michel L.  Lac Placid NY, Sutton QC


  1. Lou D.  10 day trip to the Smoky Mountains and northern Georgia coming up in a week and a half


  1. John J.  Vegas.


  1. Rick M. New Brunswick to New Hampshire, the long way round – via Detroit.


  1. Jeff D.  I’m considering a ride to the HU Travellers event on Lake Manitouwabing in two weeks.


  1. Helena K.  Nakusp B.C.



What plans do you have for the rest of the season?




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