12 Riders on How They Keep Their Motorcycle Safe

Riding safely means keeping your motorcycle safe to ride. How do you look after it?  How do you know it’s safe to ride?


motorcycle-safe12 riders on their role in motorcycle safety


  1. Darlene D.  I check my bike regularly & pre-ride inspection. Routine maintenance.


  1. Roni C.  walk around inspection before a ride… check operation of lights and signals … tire pressure and tire check. Regular and routine maintenance done on time or early…


  1. Across and Abroad.  Tire pressure checks, often. Chain tension too.


  1. Tim M. Pre-ride checks and I do all my own maintenance


  1. Tony M.  Always give it an overall check before heading out.


  1. Barry F.  Always do a pre trip inspection….you never know when a light bulb will fail…


  1. Suhaymath N.  Regular maintenance (weekly, in my case!) is key. Just do all the routine stuff as it should be done and make sure everything is working precisely as it should.


  1. Ron M.  As a licensed mechanic I do routine maintenance and checks things like, brakes, lights, signals, tires frequently. I also check my gear and make sure that I am covered off in the safe department.


  1. Don E.  Do nearly all my own maintenance on a regular basis. All my jobs are done by the book and to the correct torque. Never use bailing wire and duct tape to repair my machine. 76,000 kms later, that bike is still pristine. Nearly forgot, keep it clean. If the bike gets wet, it gets dry; dirty it gets clean. Has a squeak, oiled.


  1. Noel H.  I started out riding on old English Iron so maintenance is built in with learning to ride. Ya start at the front wheel and work your way to the back. Make sure everything is tight, there is oil in the motor/tank, tire pressure is correct, if your bike has a chain make sure it is the right tension. listen after you start it up for unusual noises. Check all the lights to make sure they work. After you start out make sure the brakes work. …..


  1. Bruce A.  wash your own bike, something loose, tighten, check tire pressure, brake lights, turn signals…washing bike gets u close to nooks and crannies not seen by a walk around.


  1. Don S. If you are a clean freak like me then trust me the best way to know if your ride is safe is to clean it because you go over every inch if you do it right.


What do you do to make sure your motorcycle is safe before heading out on it?


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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