19 Riders Speak Out about Types of Training

by Liz Jansen

We hear about cross-fit when it comes to personal training. Why not apply the same thing to motorcycle skills training? We asked our friends at Motorcycle Mojo Magazine about their thoughts on training. ” Have you ever taken or considered taking a course outside of the kind of riding you do? For example, if you’re a road rider, have you tried an off-road course?”

motorcycle-skills-training19 Riders Speak Out about Types of Motorcycle Skills Training

  1. Linda Y. I’d like to take a off road course with Clinton.
  2. Mark K. Stateside there is in Seattle and of course the Rawhide school in California is intriguing! Always wanted to take an off road course. I missed out on Dakar racer Don Hatton’s course on Vancouver Island and I am not sure if he runs them anymore… Nothing else close to me in that respect. I have attended a few Horizon Unlimited off road clinics though!
  3. Catharine SD I took the off road course up at Clinton Smouts school . Worth every penny. Also enjoyed the rodeo lesson Jim Hyde does with the Rawhide programme.
  4. Steve L. I did take a half day course at the Horseshoe Riding Adventures. Very good. I highly recommend it.
  5. Paul B. yes I would like to try racing course.
  6. Liz J. Here’s the link for FAST – http://www.motorcycletrackdays.ca/showdetails.cgi?who=FAST
  7. Brenda B. Would like to try the course that is held (I think in London, Ontario) where u ride your own bike around a track to learn speed skills, I think.
  8. Liz J. There’s FAST school at Shannonville racetrack. Or SOAR in Grand Bend? http://www.soaracing.ca/index.html
  9. Doug B. Never stop learning
  10. Manny B.  I’ve taken an off-road course but was mainly a road-racer/rider
  11. Ollie T.  Another thumbs up for Clinton. Awesome dude!
  12. Gerard E.  I’d like to give off road a try and looking for some instruction near me. This isn’t close but would love to go to this course in California …..https://www.facebook.com/TeamRawHyde
  13. Lindsay T.  every course that comes my way. Have instructed some too
  14. Suhaymath N.  I’ve considered and would love to take adventure riding/off-road riding/motocross courses.
  15. Bryan F.  adventure touring is on the list so I would be interested in off road get dirty type training.
  16. John A.  Learning to ride in the dirt as a kid made me a far better rider on the road later on, no question.
  17. Bob E. I’ve never tried “off road” it’s on my “bucket list” and I’d love to take a course.
  18. John T.  Wouldn’t mind super bike school
  19. Tom M.  Yep – at Clinton’s school. One of the wisest moves I ever made.

What’s your preferred riding style and what kind of training have you done?


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