10 Tips for Motorcycle Tire Care & Selection

motorcycle tire careby Liz Jansen

Healthy tires are the single most important safety component on your motorcycle. Looking after them is easy. It just takes a bit of time and attention.

This list is based on an article I wrote earlier this year for TD Insurance’s newsletter. Read the full article here with advice from Casey Morris, Marketing Manager for Michelin North America.

  1. Select the tire that’s appropriate for the type of riding you do.  Watch RevZilla’s 2013 Motorcycle Tire Buying Guide.
  1. Read tire reviews. Make sure you’re getting an independent, expert, objective opinion based on your riding style.
  1. Look for uneven wear, cracks, bulges and embedded objects.
  1. Check tire pressure at least every two weeks. On a trip, I check them every day. Check when they’re cold and use an accurate reliable air pressure gauge. Watch How to Check Motorcycle Tire Pressure by J&P Cycle.
  1. Check for root cause if you notice a change. Years ago I discovered a sudden drop in pressure in my rear tire. I filled it up and went on my way. Had I inspected the tire I would have seen the nail and avoided a precarious situation when the tire went flat on the highway.
  1. Check the age of your tire and think twice before riding on one that’s more than five years old. Watch How to Check the Age of Your Tires.
  1. Use tire products with caution. Some ingredients can actually decrease tire life and degrade their quality.
  1. Avoid pressure washing your tires. It can damage sidewalls.
  1. Avoid dyno testing. It puts a tremendous stress on tires and voids most manufacturers’ warranty.
  1. Do not use liquid sealants and balancing agents. You’re putting a foreign agent in your tire.

Before you go for your next ride, use this list to check your tires. Your life may depend on it.



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