31 Motorcycle Travel Planning Ideas

Still trying to decide where to ride this year? Get some ideas from these riders, shared during a chat on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page.


motorcycle travel planning31 Motorcycle Travel Planning Ideas



  1. Tim D.  Heading around Lake Superior, Heading back to Sturgis and back through Wyoming and Montana


  1. Bob E.  Across Canada with the MPNMRR. It’s the 5th Anniversary of this ride that goes to military bases from St John’s NL to Victoria BC. www.mpnmrr.ca  2013 Military Police National Motorcycle Relay Ride


  1. Ursula B.  Unfortunately, I have a problem of living beyond my means so I have to work a lot just to keep up with the pesky bills so no big cross country trips for me!


  1. Mark K.  BC to Death Valley in May and out to Nakusp BC for a Horizons Unlimited Can West meeting in August.


  1. Noel H.  I’m planning the big circle from my house north to Prince George, west to Kitwanga, North to Watson Lake, South to Dawson Creek, Further south to Prince George and thence home.


  1. Darlene D.  Been tossing around the idea of going through the Rockies and exploring Vancouver Island more.


  1. Liz J.  Possibly Sturgis for me this year too. Have never been – during bike week.


  1. Suhaymath N.  I want to come out of my riding hiatus and get re-licensed. If finances won’t allow it this year, then the plan is to keep thinking and reading as much as possible about anything to do with motorcycling…to continue to keep my mind in it, if you will. Liz, make Bike Week a goal for next year! I lived in DB for a number of years and my favourite Bike Week activity was the demo rides. It’s a great way to ride a whole lot of different bikes.


  1. Roxanne G.  Deal’s gap, tail of the dragon, etc. looking forward to it!


  1. John T.  My riding plans are simple, NEVER say no!!


  1. Mike P.  I did not on road ride near enough this past year-cause I was so busy off road. This year–I WILL do both! At least one more Iron Butt ride for 2013. (Liz–my company engineer in Phoenix has done NINE (9) Iron Butts in last 12 months! Craziest ones were while doing product testing for us– what they call the 50cc (coast to coast in 50 hours) San Diego to Jacksonville FL…he did it 38 hours there and 32 hours back.)


  1. Joanne C.  Ride as much as possible


  1. Ron M.  Riding often, but if work allows, I will try and do the West Coast again late this summer. Really enjoyed last years trip down US #1 and my week in Santa Barbara area.


  1. Stephanie M.  Learning to ride in the first place and eventually making it to Friday the 13th Port Dover!


  1. Bridget G.  Lake Superior loop for me too, minus the Sturgis (I loathe motorcycle gatherings) and where ever else I can get away to!


  1. Tanya M.  My BIGGEST riding “plan” for 2013 is to ARRIVE ALIVE no matter where I go. After 2012, it’s the BEST plan. I didn’t make it to my destination last year. Day 2 of our biking vacation ended abruptly with me in a motorcycle accident. Today, I find out, I may need surgery to repair damage from that accident. I will NOT miss TWO riding seasons, so the surgeon will just have to wait until WINTER. I’ll deal with the pain! My ride will numb it!!!


  1. Roni C.  I am heading to PA to take care of a friends’ final wishes… taking him to KS … then my little dog and I are off on a Wyatt Earp trip… we are going to go all the places that he’s lived and made a name for himself, both bad and good. Along the way we are going to go to the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam… then to Wyatt’s resting place and then make our way home … I hope my tent holds up!!


  1. Noel H.  Roni, you’ll be rally close to the Devil’s Highway in Arizona. Highway 191 between Alpine AZ and Morenci AZ. Check it out in one or the other directions whichever works for your time.


  1. Tom M. Newfoundland, Gettysburg and Milwaukee.


  1. Tony K.  Cabot trail in July


  1. Life is a journey.  Road to the Sun (Logan’s Pass) and some scenic routes in Idaho and Montana.


  1. Cory D.  Lake Superior loop, Northern NY, VT and NH. That’s the dream, any weekend ride around the Ottawa Valley is great too.


  1. Bruce B.  North to Alaska in July!


  1. David W.  June trip south through Vermont and looping back north to Ottawa through upstate New York (and Lake Placid).


  1. Rhys W.  Going to Denver Colorado.


  1. Tom N.  Hopefully I’ll get out to Vancouver this summer.


  1. Michael T. Looking forward to the Monashee this summer.


  1. Wayne Jr N.  Heading to the Kootenays for the KGB in Crawford Bay, BC…then at least one visit to family in Vernon/Kelowna area…if that isn’t God’s country for motorcyclists, I don’t know what is…


  1. Dawson City Yukon Don’t forget to head north! The Top of the World and the Dempster highways in the Yukon are just awesome.


  1. Louis C.  in 3 weeks , i m gone be in Maggie Valley NC


  1. John H. Sturgis, yeah baby.



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  1. Just saw an advertising for Gaspe and further north – crazy as I am for the North the 138 towards Labrador to Natashquan caught my eye…. If I only would have time in the summer! 2000 km one way, juuuuust right!!!!

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