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  1. Steven Rugg says:

    I attended the 2013 Carson Valley ADV event and, despite the smokey skies, had a great time. I almost left to come back home Friday morning, due to the intense smoke and my inability to get a breath of fresh air. Several people joined to talk me out of it. I am so glad they did! I rode with George both days and enjoyed the ride and comaradarie very much.

    Your article about the event was right-on. Carla King rode with us guys the first day and her bright smile was a wonderful addition to the group. Even when she struggled a bit on certain sections, she didn’t let it bother her. Inspirational!


    • lizjansen says:

      That was some smoke wasn’t it? And we were 80-100 miles from the fire. It was a wonderful event – made so by the organizers and the people who attended. It draws the best people. 🙂 I just wish it were closer so I could attend more often.

      Thanks very much for reading the article and your comment. Wishing you safe adventures and blue skies.


      PS – Carla King is a welcome addition to any group!

  2. Lana Roberts says:

    My cousin’s son was reading a book titled, The Secret Law of Attraction, which he stated also had a video. Sooo… in the course of watching the video on YouTube I was fascinated by the speaker Ed McGaa. As my journey unfolded, I searched for Ed McGaa on YouTube and in the course of watching him I came across your interview with Mr. McGaa.

    I am not a motorcycle rider, personally motorcycles make me nervous, but I was intrigued with your’s and Ed’s spiritual sensitivities and depth. Like yourself, I also have a background in HR and a Bachelor’s in HRD. But, I feel led to pursue another calling.

    Your title, Where the Road Meets the Spirit, led me to post a blog to you to share a vision I have had of taking to the road with a truck and camper across America and calling it “Wake Up!!” I seek to research old Revival sites and locations and use them as my road map for this journey.

    This would be a Revival Quest to wake up Americans from their slumber and as Ed said, “to Return them to nature for direction and guidance.” The great signs and wonders given to us by our Creator have been enormously active. I believe I am being guided to respond to this message, “If not now then when? If not here then where? If not you then who?”

    I hope my journey begins end of next June 2018. I don’t know how or even if this will be feasible but I know I am being guided to move in this direction. I am curious to see if you would enjoy corresponding in regards to this information.

    • lizjansen says:

      Hi Lana – Keep us posted on your journey. Each of us has a different role, journey, calling. We’re guided to do different things. We can never go wrong by listening to our heart (and input from our head), even when we don’t know where it’s leading. All the best on your journey. Liz

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