9 Ways to Age with Power and Vitality

While it’s true that modern technology produces more powerful motorcycles, it doesn’t mean that power necessarily declines with age. Actually, once the engine is broken in, more power is available. Proper care and attention can keep the engine performing at high levels.

power-and-vitalityYou don’t lose your personal power as your body ages either. Your spirit, from which power originates, is ageless. So although your physical body changes, personal power remains with you and can continue to strengthen and seek expression for as long as you’re traveling the Road of life.


 9 ways to age with power and vitality


  1. Socialize. Relationships stimulate your brain, improve your mood and increase brain function. In fact studies have shown, the older you get, the happier you are. See study.


  1. Exercise. Bikes age better when they’re used. So do you. Brisk walking helps boost and maintain brain function. But there’s even better news. A study has shown that riding a motorcycle keeps your brain functioning at peak capacity!


  1. Watch the self-talk. Your bike’s power isn’t affected by fear of aging or senseless comments. Don’t buy into stereotypes, choosing instead to nourish it with healthy thoughts and emotions – including those directed at your self.


  1. Use it. A bike that isn’t used or stretched eventually rusts and seizes up. You’re no different. Like your riding skills, if you don’t use your memory, you’ll lose it. Try new things, especially those that work your brain and challenge you. It’s never too late. Read and be inspired by these Later Bloomers.


  1. Sleep. Bikes need regular downtime for routine maintenance. While you’re sleeping, brain restoration is actually going on. When you’re sleep-deprived, your brain can’t work at full capacity.


  1. Do tricks. Apparently the saying about the old dog is hogwash. The human brain has an amazing ability, called neuroplasticity, which enables it to adapt and change. Even as you age, you can increase your cognitive ability by exercising your mental function.


  1. Reduce stress. Your bike doesn’t take well to being chronically overloaded, especially if the weight isn’t evenly balanced. Stress is one of the brain’s biggest enemies, destroying brain cells and reducing memory capacity over time.


  1. Enjoy a healthy diet. Feed your bike high quality nutrients, specific to its needs, and you’ll be rewarded with a long, happy, and healthy relationship. The same holds true for body, mind, and spirit. A diet of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats boosts your brainpower.


  1. Play, laugh, have fun. Getting out on your motorcycle is a sure way to do this; hanging out with like-minded others is works, no matter what the activity! So do more of it. Laugh at yourself and find the humor in life. It’s contagious and makes you and those around you feel better. It keeps you young in spirit, wise and powerful.


Take another look at the list. No matter what your age, a life characterized by these qualities, is one where not only do you make the most of each moment, you set yourself up for a life of power and vitality.

photo credit: Paco CT via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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