Return Home-Discover Forgotten Wisdom Podcast Interview

Recently I spoke with Valeria Teles on her Fit for Joy podcast about how we can claim the forgotten wisdom of our ancestors.

It was a delightful, meaningful conversation in which she asked thought-provoking questions. I appreciate that her aspiration is to “awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being, being well.”

Please listen and enjoy.

“More than ever this is a time of hope rather than despair. It’s time for listening with all our senses and being open to the answers when they come. Our ancestors heard the call of the forest and they heard the song of nature. Now it’s our chance to discover that forgotten wisdom.”

Liz Jansen

Valeria’s guests are writers, non-fiction authors, well-being and life coaches, healers, doctors, and spiritual teachers, among others in the well-being community.

Fit for Joy promotes messages of Love, transformation, inner peace, authenticity, compassion, well-being, self-love, health, wellness, joy, and encouragement…

Visit the Fit for Joy website for more interviews you may find of interest.

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