18 Riders Reveal Their Rider Training Dreams

by Liz Jansen

Many riders dream of taking advanced rider training with the pro’s. We asked our friends at Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “If money and location were no object, what kind of training would you like to do?” Their answers may plant seeds in your dreams and inspire you to action. Dreams can come true.

motorcycle rider training18 Riders Reveal Their Rider Training Dreams

  1. Misti H. Ok Bill Hughes lets hit up Phillip Island and I’ll be your coach!!!
  2. Mark K.  The Off Road Skills riding school that Simon Pavey does for BMW in Wales would be amazing.
  3. Liz J. Simon Pavey was here in Ontario last summer and is coming back for Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally. He adjusted my handlebars.
  4. Linda Y.  I’d take a road racing course.
  5. Kellee I.  Simon Pavey’s off road school in Wales. Private lessons of course!
  6. Chris T.  King Kenny, teaching me at Sepang, or Phillip Island…
  7. Misti H.  Those bikes look familiar  I’d love some motocross training, or just some time ripping around with really fast guys.
  8. Manny B.  Road racing from Yvon Duhamel/Kenny Roberts, ice-racing from Jean Bourret, enduro/off-road from Malcolm Smith, flat-track from Jay Springsteen, trials from Mick Andrews, hill-climb from John Williams, Isle of Mann from Mike Hailwood/Joey Dunlop, etc.
  9. Todd R.  I would love the police training with the motorman
  10. Bob E. I concur with Todd. Never had it….but would Love too!
  11.  Steve L.  +1 on the super bike school. Maybe on the salt flatss
  12. Bill H.  This one is easy: 4 day California Superbike School on Phillip Island with Misti Hurst coaching! ..but; she did say her dream is riding with fast guys
  13. Tim M.  3 months in Georgia riding at gpf motocross
  14. Mike P. I think training at Supercross rider Davy Milsaps place would be cool–but I think at 48 I exceed the age limit LOL
  15. Paul B. I think I would like to learn how to become an instructor. the 2 we had were awesome, willing to spend extra time with those who needed it and asked for it. I would like to help people learn hoe to ride properly and safel
  16. John T. Super bike school. Control speed and your total control in everyday riding will improve
  17. Suhaymath N.  Racing school, the aforementioned adventure riding/off-road riding/motocross training and any type of advanced rider skills training.
  18. Dean V. Same as Bill–but I think I want to stay in Europe

If money and location were no object, what kind of training would YOU like to do?

Photo credit: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine



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