33 Rust Remover Techniques

A few weeks ago, I posted 10 Spring Hazards and How to Manage Them with a high-level look at hazards and advice, specific to spring.


Recently during a chat on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page, we asked fans, “How will you brush up on rusty skills before riding this season?” It’s provided more excellent advice and more examples of how riders prepare for spring.  I never thought of practicing in cemeteries.  Thanks Bridget!


rust removerNote that these comments are printed verbatim and do not reflect an endorsement by me or Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.



33 Rust Remover Techniques



  1. Ursula B.  Dirt Bike riding in the mud and slush helps …makes road riding a breeze!


  1. Noel H. The ride over BC Highway 24 between 100 Mile House and Little Fort will get me warmed up. That’s usually how I go to Kamloops.


  1. Liz J. For those of you close to Barrie – check out S.M.A.R.T. programs off-road training. Excellent!


  1. Darren M.  jump on and take it slow the first ride out , it comes back pretty quick


  1. Liz J. Empty parking lots are great for taking off the rust – practicing U-turns, quick stops – getting used to the bike again.


  1. Darren M. Gotta give the cars a refresher too


  1. Liz J. Excellent point Darren – they’re not used to seeing us out there – not that they see us much of the time anyways!


  1. Russell A.  I always like to do a couple of sessions of parking lot drills and then head off in to the mountains and hit some gravel and dirt off of Highway 40 in Kananaskis.


  1. Bob E.  We always find a clean parking lot or Dead End road to practice the turns and slow speed handling. It’s great to take an Experienced Rider course as well when we can find a couple of spots open.


  1. Darleen A. Where would an off track be? I usually drive in neighborhood and local college test site parking lots to brush up.


  1. Liz J.  Darleen -if you mean an off-road track, check out the one I mentioned. The test sites are good too – you can challenge yourself with the lines.


  1. Mark K. Definitely parking lot day….


  1. Darlene D.  I take my bike to the parking lot and run basic drills routinely & want to do some MotoX


  1. John T. just ride baby, ride!


  1. Ron M.  Start off around our small town of Revelstoke for a few weeks before any longer trips, get back in the groove so to speak.


  1. Roni C.  we have a DVD called ride like a pro… it’s a yearly watch in this house… we are also blessed to know a retired OPP Golden Helmet rider and he is always willing to put you through the paces to help scrape the rust off!


  1. Glenn R.  I will stand in the back yard and have friends drive cars at me. lol kidding, I will get on the dirt bike and freshen my skills for the road.


  1. Bruce A. No, just wing it like have been doing for 45 years!


  1. Cynthia F.  Those bikes look awfully familiar!


  1. Lynn G.  Best they should Cynthia. That is your mama and papa ridin the dragons tail.


  1. Tech G.  Just get up and go


  1. Heber G. There’s nothing better than a vacant lot on a Sunday mornin


  1. Kevin G.  I was very cautious navigating through the backyard from the shed to the driveway. That was the worst spot for traction and/or lack of all winter.


  1. Jeffrey M.  Rusty skills ? I ride daily !


  1. Kevin G.  Other than that……. not too deep into the corners or close to roads sandy edges. And always scanning for black ice, more so under the overpasses and on elevated roadways.


  1. Life is a Journey  Just using caution and taking it slow for the first day or two


  1. Gerard E.  I’m taking a class next month called Ride Like a Pro. Not sure if you’re familiar with it. It’s a lot of slow riding, u turns, figure 8’s, friction zone, etc. Training is forever.


  1. Cory D.  Reading Total Control High Performance Street Riding Techniques by Lee Parks.


  1. Donna R.  I’m signed up for a refresher day with Roadcraft.


  1. David W.Registered for the Skilled Rider Course with the Ottawa Safety Council.


  1. Tom N.  A weekend at Humber College next month.


  1. Bridget G.  Cemeteries are great to practice in too. There are lots of roads that meander around, and slow speed tight turns are often required, in little or no traffic.


  1. Wayne Jr N.  First few rides will be to the parking lot to practice the s l o w r i d i n g skills…get balance back…all about the balance!




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