7 Keys for Staying in Balance

When you’re out of balance on your motorcycle the feedback is immediate and the consequences potentially devastating. The effects of being out of balance in your personal life can be harder to recognize and take longer to surface, but can sideline you just the same.


staying-in-balance7 keys for staying in balance


  1. Start with the fundamentals. Learning to achieve balance in your life is every bit as important as learning to balance a motorcycle. Establish a goal, acquire the appropriate skills, then keep your eyes up, looking where you want to go. 9 building blocks for balance


  1. Remain vigilant. Wheels that are out of balance present a safety risk and cause uneven, accelerated tire wear. Riding through rough conditions can cause wheels to become unbalanced. Everyone goes through rough spots and encounters bumps on the road of life. During these times it’s even more important to take steps to minimize the upset to your life. 9 Ways to Maintain Balance


  1. Use your eyes. Looking where you want to go keeps you balanced. It’s a fundamental skill taught in the first lesson new riders take. Allowing distractions to take your eyes away from our path will cause you to lose focuse – and your balance. It’s risky because it will take you off the road. 9 ways successful people use eyes to maintain balance


  1. Pack wisely. Learning to recognize a load that’s out of balance, drawing on alternative resources and jettisoning that which isn’t necessary alleviates pressure and creates a much more enjoyable ride. Taking on additional responsibilities, whether you choose them or the Universe delivers them, can create stress, anxiety, fatigue and illness. 9 ways to pack for balance


  1. Learn the controls. Proficient use of controls is essential for maintaining balance on a motorcycle, especially at slow speeds. The life parallel is unmistakable. Knowing how to recognize the thoughts and behaviors which control your behavior, understanding your strengths and using them wisely, keeps you upright. Reminding yourself that you control your own power builds confidence and allows you to grow. 9 ways to use controls to maintain balance


  1. Embrace change. On or off your bike, knowing how to maintain balance through times of change is a survival skill. It’s no time to take on the victim role. You’re the only one at the controls so how effectively you navigate through change is a testament to your preparedness, perspective and choices. You must be an active participant. 9 ways to stay balanced while dealing with change


  1. Adjust your load. There are times you need to stop what you’re doing, evaluate the situation and take corrective action. Sometimes all it takes is a small adjustment. Other times, you need to make difficult choices about people and activities in your life. 9 actions to restore balance


Take a lesson from your bike and check in periodically to make sure you’re managing all that’s asked of you, including mindfully caring for your Self.


photo credit: westpark via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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  1. Staying in balance so relevant these days, and not always easy, but something we all need to think about at all times. Thanks for the good advice.

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