10 Things I’m Grateful for this Thanksgiving – Part 2

With friends and family on both sides of the border, over and above practicing daily gratitude, I love being able to celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year. There’s a lot to give thanks for and so this gratitude list was begun for Canadian Thanksgiving. Consciously taking time to acknowledge abundance helps me avoid complacency.


thanksgivingIt’s fun – and a good exercise to sit down and write a list. To be clear, I’m very thankful for the sun, moon and stars. I’m very grateful for the country I live in and especially all those who have served to protect my freedom.


Yet I wanted to capture gratitude that’s unique to me, and that’s what this list attempts to do.



10 Things I’m Grateful for this Thanksgiving


  1. Friends. I am so blessed with amazing friends, around the country, indeed around the world, who share their homes, break bread together and even loan out their motorcycles!


  1. Continuing education. Earlier this year I enrolled in studies in ancient wisdom teachings and energy medicine practices. The courses are not only a valuable adjunct to my work, they’re personally insightful, helping me identify and break free of my limiting beliefs and behaviors. I cannot teach what I have not experienced. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to take these courses. That they’re held in prime riding locales are an additional bonus!


  1. Simplicity. Moving from a large house to a small apartment 10 years ago forced me to declutter. Aside from not having to work to pay for things that don’t add value to my life, it frees up time for the things that do matter.


  1. Family. We’ve had some health scares in the past month, and it’s nice to be able to chuckle about them now. Dad’s new treadmill just about did him in, but he’s got a new pacemaker and is good for another 10 years. The greater toll’s been on mom with her dementia and the inevitability of longterm care looming on the horizon.


  1. Heated Gear. I’m now electrified from toes to neck with Gerbing gear. My Schuberth helmet is cozy and cuts out drafts. I’m comfortable riding all day in -5deg C temperatures and that extends my riding season significantly. It may seem a stretch to understand this, but it’s refreshing to be warm and cozy and feel the cool air when I lift my visor.


  1. Long stretches of wide-open space. With the leaves off the trees, you can now see homes, hovels and hangouts, which are camouflaged most of the year. Rocks, birds’ nests and streams that have hidden behind a leafy barrier are now visible, creating a whole new appreciation for the regional culture.


  1. My motorcycle. This is a repeat from October but it plays such an instrumental role in my work and play, it bears mentioning again. It is such a gift to travel and work from my motorcycle. It introduces me to the best people and experiences, with riders and non-riders alike.


  1. Virtual lifestyle. Realizing that I was a vagabond at heart is a fairly recent discovery. Growing my work to accommodate this has taken time and continues to evolve. It’s truly a gift to be able to work and play from almost anywhere I am.


  1. Community. I’m inspired by everyone who emails me, tweets me, comments on Facebook, LinkedIn and adds their wisdom to my blog posts. It’s amazing to think of the solid friendships that have evolved and the connections that have occurred between readers.


  1. Seasons. Seasons keep us in tune with nature. As much as I don’t want to put the bike away for the winter, I do love this introspective season. Winter is a natural time for soul-searching, germinating ideas, setting intentions and formulating plans. Staying in tune with the cycles of nature restores our natural rhythm – and personal power.


What’s on your gratitude list?


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