Use Your Gifts

Power of the Road speakers covered this from many engaging perspectives. The application to real life includes everything from being yourself, using your unique talents and not worrying about what others think of you.

use-your-giftsThese messages came through loud and clear in Genevieve Schmitt’s 10 Life Lessons. Knowing yourself and being confident in who you are, means you have the confidence and courage to pick your friends wisely, know your limitations, and accept that not everyone is going to understand you—or even like you.

We become more of who we are. That’s what Deb Grey told us. So it’s important to live who we ARE. We can’t go back and create a new beginning, but we can go back and create a new ending. She also reminded us that we have a circle of influence that she will never have—thus the importance of being who we are, wherever we find ourselves in life.

Debbie Evans Leavitt owns her gifts – and knows with certainty that she was given them to do what she’s doing. It’s what makes her so successful, in spite of being told being married, having children or turning down certain roles would work against her. She learned as a youngster, to not be influenced by the opinions of others, and says if she’d allowed that to happen, she’d never have amounted to anything extraordinary.

Lia Grimanis continues to do outrageous things, most recently pulling a transport truck for a Guinness world record —but again, those are the gifts she’s been given to demonstrate to women that they’re stronger than they think they are.

Leslie Prevish has merged passion and career and she’s been very deliberate and methodical about it. She made a point of identifying her top gifts early on and then made sure that she’s made choices in career and volunteer work to utilize and make the most of them

Carla King has always seen things through an often different, and beautiful lens – and she tells us that we ARE the gift to others, something that came home to her again and again on her travels.

Each of us has been bestowed with unique gifts through which to serve. Precious as they are, these gifts are not meant to be kept hidden. Rather they are to be shared so that many can benefit from your gift.

What are your unique gifts, and how are you using them?

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Author, writer, and student Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.

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