22 Riders Share Their Winter Bike Fixes

For those of you who have to “deal” with winter, what do you do to get your bike-fix during the long cold months?

We posed the question during a recent chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook page. These riders tell us how they manage. Add your tips in the comments below.

winter bike fix22 Riders Share Winter Bike Fixes

  1. Darlene V. Store it at Motorcycle Enhancements in Oakville to do touch ups and keep in a safe place…
  2. Wendy C. Go into the garage and work on my restoration project or on my current ride.
  3. Mark K. Touratech catalog & Horizons Unlimited website.
  4. Shawn D. Read Mojo and spend a lot of time in the garage with the bikes. Plus we have a lot of great bike shows to attend.
  5. Mark K. Oh yes, Vancouver motorcycle show every January. Had the pleasure of meeting Paddy Tyson there one year.
  6. Darleen W. Motorcycle show in Toronto in December
  7. Jeff S. Mojo and my old Shovelhead. Readin’ and a-wrenchin’!
  8. Ken M. Ride my snowmobile, its touring, going into different places I normally don`t go so I figure same as bike on snow, needless to say last winter sucked to much winter for bike not enough for a snowmobile but my honey do list sure got shorter around home!
  9. Ron G. Keep on riding. Global warming is a plot arranged by motorcyclists…
  10. Ursula B. Talk to people on sites like “bikers post”. Read motorcycle magazines.
  11. Bren B. I hang out with other bikers lol Look forward to the Motorcycle shows in the winter
  12. Mark F. This year I’m going to read a great book about women and motorcycling.
  13. Tom M. I watch Motorcycle Experience on TSN and also plan our summer “Big Trip”.
  14. Daryl M. I go snow biking on the slopes
  15. Angela M. Get some wind therapy anyway. and if lucky enough head south for sun therapy too!
  16. Cynthia C. Try and get away to the sunny south of awhile ))
  17. Rick G. Winters here are tough! I just don’t ride that day. Wink
  18. Glenn R. Stud the dirt bike and also ride the skidoo.
  19. Randy M. Cover them and leave them till the weather gets better.
  20. David W. Sleep, perchance to dream…of riding…
  21. Wade H. Back when I had more time…. Used to load them up and head for
  22. Paul L. If it’s not icy, go for a ride – and dress in my thermals

What do you do in winter?  Add your comments below!


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2 Comments on “22 Riders Share Their Winter Bike Fixes

  1. In the winter I always dress for the weather and the activity and
    If : the roads are dry, with a minimum of sand and/or salt….then I just deal with the cold weather ( thermal underwear, gloves, balaclava and full-face helmet) and keep right on riding in comfort .Why not ?
    Many others “deal” with winter on the ski slopes……but rarely in their tank tops and shorts.

    • Exactly. Why not?
      Good point about the tank tops and shorts on the ski slopes!

      Thanks Kevin. Safe travels.


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