9 Reader Tips on Keeping Cool

A wide range of riders with diverse experience, locations and perspectives share their perspectives on keeping cool during hot weather riding.  Taken from a recent FaceBook chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s page, each one carries its own wisdom.

Do you have any additions?  Post them in the comments below.  The next chat will be on Sept 5 @ 7:00 p.m. EST. Just go to Mojo’s FB page and join in!

Here are the responses to: “Do you travel in hot weather? How do you stay healthy – i.e. avoid heat exhaustion? Here’s Paddy Tyson who’s also been to all corners of the earth.”

  1. Darlene Vautour: ride safe, we have light weight equipped vests and jackets.
  2. Leslie Sofarelli: Take a break every hour or so, stay hydrated and we have cooling vests if needed. Eat a lot and do not ride past how you feel!
  3. Sarah Menace: I unzip the leather jacket and hope I land on my back.
  4. Karen Gahan: I learned this lesson the hard way earlier this year. The trick is to drink waaaaay more water than you think is required, drink Gatorade or equivalent as well, pour some cold water in your helmet before setting out in extreme heat, take breaks in air conditioned places if possible, and wear something like a “Cool-dana” around your neck. Heat stroke/sun stroke/heat exhaustion is very scary and a very serious condition.
  5. Leslie Sofarelli: I tried it out for fun and YES…but you have to have good under gear that wicks and keep all your jacket vents closed except arms vents half open. 2 hours of cooling if you use really cold water to soak the vest.
  6. Pam Beatson: Drink water continuously. I have a cup/bottle holder that allows me to sip while riding.
  7. Cory Desjardins: Lots of water while enjoying the shade (if possible)
  8. Pam Vickery: Riding in the heat is a major problem for me but a hydration vest that you soak in water and a hydration pack on my back help a lot. And you are right, Karen Gahan, you really need to drink way more water than you think you need. I know when I haven’tEdit drunk enough – I’ll start to get charlie horses in my calves.
  9. Glenn Ranger: I drink lots of water and think,,,,ITS BETTER THEN BEING AT WORK. SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP.

Since the chat, I’ve heard about Performance Undergarments (PUG).  The 2 riders who had tried them, raved about the ability of the gear to keep them cool in hot weather.

I’ve also heard more favorable reports on cooling vests – i.e. vest that are filled with cool water and keep your core cool.

I haven’t tried either myself ..yet.

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