14 Ways Motorcyclists Make a Difference

Yesterday was Make a Difference Day. What difference to motorcyclists make to their community?

Make a DifferenceTaken from a recent FaceBook chat I facilitated on Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s page, these riders weigh in with their recommendations. It would be interesting to know how many millions of dollars riders have raised for charity.

We’re way underrated as contributors to our communities! Make a difference by adding your comments below.


  1. Jasmin D. Toy Run for kids, ride to fight breast cancer, ride to fight prostate cancer, fundraisers to help other fallen riders…so many amazing rider friends doing amazing riding feats for others!!!
  2. Mark K. From motorcycle charity rides to the Patriot riders of the USA it is all great until one rider does something like ride 300 kmh through traffic and post it on YouTube.
  3. Ursula B. Usually they are involved in charity runs.
  4. Liz J. Do you think non-riders realize how much the riding community contributes to charity?
  5. Roni VC. There are so many good ways that riders help in a community… Ride for Dad, Papa Joe’s Ride, The Biker’s Reunion, Ride for Hospice, Ride for Sight, Sick Kids Hospital Ride… there so many! But by far the best way is a ride for Camp Quality… when the big bikers take kids undergoing cancer treatments out for a ride on the motorcycle… the smiles… on all faces… makes you feel really good about taking some time out for someone else.
  6. Roni VC. Liz I don’t think that they do.(see # 4).. unless a non rider lives close to something like the bikers reunion they may not understand what riders are doing for charity
  7. Don S. They in my mind anyway put a lot into charity rides
  8. Mary M. Lots of charity rides
  9. Mary M. Liz, I didn’t know how much riders would do for their communities until I became a rider.
  10. Kevin W. Our group injects a lot of money into the local economy by visiting coffee, ice cream and pastry shops. Lol
  11. Don E. Riders make a Financially huge difference, and lets not forget the fun we add, and I daresay we improve the general look of the place considerably!
  12. Diane P. Ditto!
  13. Earl K. Back in the 70’s if this many bikers showed up at one time the street would be lined with RCMP and the army bearing guns. In 1972 my wife and I and a dozen other bikers went on a trip over to Vancouver. Island and up the Malahat. We were met by a road block manned be gun toting RCMP at every town. The front 4 bikers in our group were RCMP and New Westminster Police officers but that didn’t stop the Mounties.
  14. Al F. I have chosen a different way…after riding the first 2 years, I have been involved for the past 3 years with the Ride to Conquer Cancer as part of a great bunch of people known as Moto Safety Crew. We work the streets to ensure all riders are safe, having fun and we continue to motivate. It feels great being part of those making a difference!


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