9 Practices that Nourish Body Mind and Spirit

All systems have to work together for a machine to operate a maximum efficiency. It matters not that your gas tank is full if your tires are worn out or your battery is dead. Fuel, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems all need to be functioning well to achieve safe and effective performance.

body-mind-and-spiritYour physical body is the home for your spirit. Does it not make sense then to respect whom you are by giving it all the ingredients it needs to thrive? That means practicing holistic wellness, going beyond focusing on physical health to the emotional, mental and spiritual. Body, mind and spirit are inextricably connected, so neglecting any one will affect the whole.


9 practices that nourish body mind and spirit


  1. Exercise. While a yoga practice is particularly effective as it addresses body and spirit, any exercise is beneficial. It keeps you physically fit, improves your mood and increases energy levels.


  1. Eat a balanced diet. Consuming a diet high in fruits and vegetables, reducing processed sugars, avoiding salt and drinking lots of water is not only healthier for your body, it also nourishes the mind.


  1. Sleep. Adequate sleep is crucial to brain performance. Scrimping on sleep leads to diminished mental acuity, increased stress and grouchiness. Get enough sleep and you’ll notice yourself making wiser choices.


  1. Hike. Spending time in nature connects you with whom you are. Add in exercise – like a walk on the beach or a hike through the woods, and it’s a perfect holistic nutrient.


  1. Socialize. Humans, even introverts, are social beings. Laughing, playing, having adventures with friends elevates your moods, changes your perspective and increases your sense of well-being.


  1. Follow your heart. When I ignore my inner guide, I feel miserable – in all ways. Your intuition is there for a reason, guiding you to do what’s right for you. Listening to it leads you to


  1. Spend time alone. Quiet time is essential to staying connected with who you are. It’s only by cutting out all the outside chatter and quieting the business of your mind, that you create the stillness needed to remain grounded, centered and connected to who you are.


  1. Show compassion. Random acts of kindness benefit the recipient, but they’ve also been shown to create positive health effects.


  1. Go for a motorcycle ride. Freedom, independence, nature, fresh air, wind, sunshine and friends – it just doesn’t get any better.


Body mind and spirit are interrelated so neglecting one will affect the whole. Adopting practices that nurture all three keep you healthy, happy and powerful.


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Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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