Feel Good Friday – 10 Top Skinny Dipping Spots in Georgian Bay

Here’s a great summer Feel-Good Friday post, brought to my attention by my friend Chris Hughes.  Who hasn’t dreamt of (or gone) skinny dipping?

Much of Canada is about to enjoy another long holiday weekend in a summer that’s been hot and dry.

While Ontarians are fortunate to have plenty of easily accessible lakes and rivers to play in, the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay carry an alluring charm all their own.

I’m not advocating doing anything illegal – but it sure is tempting. Getting busted for public nudity would be embarrassing.

Clothed or not, playing in nature is a perfect way to spend a summer weekend, wherever you live.

Top Ten Skinny Dipping Spots in Georgian Bay.

Article and photo credits to Colin Field,  Mountain Life Georgian Bay Magazine.


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6 Comments on “Feel Good Friday – 10 Top Skinny Dipping Spots in Georgian Bay

  1. I’ve been skinny dipping in Georgian Bay since i was in diapers. There’s nothing like it. Enjoy!

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