33 Views on Gender Differences in Customer Service

This is the final post for the International Women’s Month themed chats from Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook  earlier this month. Links to the others appear at the end of this post.


AMar5Q5Mojo Fans were asked, “Ladies-

  • Are you taken seriously when purchasing bike, parts, etc.?
  • What’s your experience if you’re there with a man?
  • How do establish your own credibility – as a rider first, female second?

Men, what’s your experience been when shopping with a woman for her bike/gear?”


Here’s how they responded.


33 views on gender differences in customer service


  1. John T.  as long as the ladies make good safe choices in their bike and gear, it should be up to them, no one wants to be told you can’t and no one should be told that, man or woman! the aftermarket is a wonderful thing, it will help you make anything work for you!


  1. Renee S.  I went by myself when buying my first bike. The first salesman tried to sell me a cruiser and had a funny look on his face when I told him I wanted a sport bike. He seemed hesitant. I don’t shop there now. The place I buy my bikes and gear treat me with respect and always take me seriously!!


  1. Ursula B.  I have been lucky and did not feel treated differently when I was purchasing some parts… but I knew exactly what I needed or wanted.


  1. Karen G.  I have been treated with respect in my shopping for parts and accessories and such. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t return to the offending business. I must admit I try to at least know what I’m talking about, and I always defer to the dealer’s expertise. I find that people like to share their knowledge and experience, so listening to them makes them feel respected and happy, and helps the listener to learn something.


  1. Cristi F.  I looked at the bikes while the sales rep bee lined for the boyfriend…who I then asked to hold my purse while he pointed at me and shook his head at the sales rep. I am a happy customer at that dealership now. All the sales guys know me and shudder when I jokingly revisit that day.


  1. Suhaymath N.  Ah! I helped a friend shop around for her first bike. I’m not sure what the salesman was thinking when he pointed to the center stand on a bike he was showing her and said something along the lines of “You’ll never need that.” I could certainly be wrong, but at the time, my other friends and I felt like maybe he figured she wouldn’t be able to lift the bike up on it and that maybe he should sell her a “girl’s bike.”


  1. Melissa HP When I was looking to reenter riding after a long hiatus, I went to the local shop. I went in, wandered around, looked longingly at some sportbikes. There were three guys behind the counter. They looked up at me, then continued talking. After 20 minutes, I figured they had sold all the bikes they cared to that day. I left.


  1. Helena K.  My first bike was one my husband told me I had to buy, I hated it while sitting on it in the showroom. I did not like it! My 2nd and 3rd bike I researched and then purchased. My first bike was sold with less than 500 km on it, the bikes I chose were 16,000 and my new one has 12,500 from 2 months of riding! Women choose your bikes!


  1. Kathy B.  The first bike I bought, the dealer was great. He knew I was tentative but he walked me through it. The second bike I walked into the shop and I went to the salesperson and simply ordered the bike. I have had wonderful experience at


  1. Ursula RB  I told my husband that I wanted a specific bike and not to bother “surprising” me with any other one cause I would not touch it . ( I have a really good husband!)


  1. Allen R.  I have been bike shopping with a few ladies, & I hate to say it but most of the sales people are not very good at treating women as equals. Not all of them, but a lot of them.


  1. Kathy B.  oops I have bought helmets and clothing without issue but I think sometimes it is the attitude you have.


  1. Carla V.  I’ve never had a problem when bike shopping. One of the first question the sales person asks is “How long have you been riding?” which I think is a reasonable question, and never had a problem once they realize that I have 30 years experience.


  1. Glenn R.  When a lady buys from me she gets treated as a human, Treat me good, I treat you good.


  1. Danielle B.  Yes I’m treated seriously. Otherwise I go spend somewhere else.


  1. Annie K.  My experience tells that they get taken advantage of especially if they’re new to the sport but then that could go for men too.


  1. Roni C.  hell ya… they take you seriously when you walk out of a place once they have told you to bring the hubby or boyfriend back to help you understand what they are talking about…. I did just that when I went to buy my bike in 2009. I left the “dealership” and found a place that would deal with me …. it’s a bit of a piss off to me that some are still so close minded.


  1. Melinda H.  I have had a couple problems with staff not doing what they said they would and those staff people did not last long so, it would seem, I was not the only customer they did not listen to. For the most part I have felt like I am taken seriously. If looking at bikes I start by stating what I ride now and what I may be interested in that is different. It lets them know I am not just thinking about riding, but already do.


  1. Charles W.  I think they should be a female first and take pride in what they are doing.


Melissa Holbrook Pierson – who answered earlier in this post – is the legendary author of The Perfect Vehicle – published in 1997 and the more recent The Man Who Would Stop at Nothing. If this is her experience, think of the experience of less seasoned riders.


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