12 Tips on Group Riding Communication

Group riding is the highlight of the motorcycling experience for many riders. Whether it’s a weeknight cruise, weekend getaway or a longer trip,  it’s an integral part of their motorcycle experience.


After confirming that all members  have proficient riding skills, knowing how to communicate within the group is essential for group safety.


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We asked riders, how does your group communicate with each other?  Here’s how these experienced Motorcycle Mojo fans responded.
See MSF tips below.


12 tips on group riding communication


  1. Linda Y. We have the Scala communication. I don’t know how we road without it. It make our rides much more enjoyable.


  1. Rick E. 6 of us rode 16,000kms last June with Scala Rider and never had a problem the entire trip.


  1. Ursula B. I watch the leader (unless I am) When I see them signal I follow their lead. I think we communicate telepathically!


  1. Mike W. Tap on the shoulder or scream


  1. Marc O. briefing before we depart and hand signals from there on


  1. Bob E. In small groups I use the Scala Bluetooth communications. In larger groups, it’s hard to beat a portable CB.


  1. Dan L. Hand signals and Sena blue tooth.


  1. Don E. Hand signals for sure, but also verbal before we start out.


  1. Frank B.  A tap on the top of the helmet indicates police hiding around the bend.


  1. Rick E. We use CB radios and Scala Rider headsets but we always use hand signals passed down from front to back of the group.


  1. Leeann C. I’m new to group riding. What kinds of hand signals are there? What signals do you need?  (See below)


  1. Don S. Hand signals for sure.



Quick Tips: MSF’s Tips for Group Riding


How does your group communicate?



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