17 Riders on Healthy Eating on the Road

Is healthy eating important to you while on the road? If so, how do you do it?


Photo: Courtesy Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

Here’s how these experienced Motorcycle Mojo fans responded.


17 Riders on Healthy Eating on the Road


  1. Joley B.  VERY important! I stay away from carbs/sugar when riding, as they have a negative affect on me…and I don’t feel clear headed. I always make sure I’ve eaten enough protein and am well hydrated


  1. Liz J. I strap a camel-back waist pack around my tank bag and sip from that constantly. Can even manage it with a full face helmet. No alcohol; very little caffeine. Need all my wits about me. Also carry fruit and nuts.


  1. Mark K.  healthy eating is crucial as well as staying properly hydrated with water only. To me this means no alcohol on multiple day journeys until I get to my destination and cut caffeine to a minimum because it is also a diuretic. Must eat healthy and small snacks to stay alert and healthy.


  1. Maria L.  I try to eat vegetables every day. Fries are vegetables, right?


  1. Kevin G.  I put a high priority on staying hydrated and ingesting something every four hours or so. But I do like Ms. L’s thinking (earlier in the thread). And using her logic : poutine = mixed veggies.


  1. Pam B.  Yes! I carry some fruit, nuts, maybe a protein bar in my tank bag and sip water from a container in my cup holder while riding, especially in hot weather.


  1. Darlene D.  I try to eat well and have little snacks and stay well hydrated. Like Joley I try to stay away from carbs & sugary stuff because it makes me lethargic.


  1. Tim M.  Stay away from fast food chains and ask locals for recommendations


  1. DM F. I find it easy to eat right when on the road..Im on a rigid chopper..so cant have anything heavy in my belly..most fast foods now have salads and healthy menus


  1. Tony M.  I like to vary my food intake. Eat light before a ride.


  1. Karen G.  I try to eat healthy, stay hydrated, carry snacks like trail mix that can keep me going if I have to miss a meal or eat later than usual. When I’m on the road I rarely feel hungry, so I have to be aware of meal times and make sure I eat when I should.


  1. Mary G. My husband and I have stopped at Grocery Stores instead of Restaurants. Great Salads, and fresh fruits.


  1. Bruce A.  yes very important otherwise your body is telling you to pull over instead of continuing on your journey! Something light, not much alcohol and hold the poutine! Haha


  1. Donna R.  I stay away from fast food places while travelling. If there is no other option, then fine, but otherwise a good breakfast, light snacks during the day and then a nice dinner. The most important thing I found was staying well hydrated. Keeping hydrated makes a big difference in my energy and decision making.


  1. William H. try to stick to your regular healthy diet … and ice cream


  1. John T.  depends on age, riding experience and what type of riding you are doing. I don’t tend to worry too much for a day ride, but on a week long or more, make sure you have vitamins and plenty of H2O


  1. Don S.  From the look of that gravy healthy eating might be on hold



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