9 Components of a Long Term Health Strategy

Feed a motorcycle high-quality nutrients designed for its specific purpose and it will give you years of trouble free enjoyment. Apply the same thinking to your own health to create a vibrant and fulfilling life.

long term health strategyRegular maintenance, care and nutrition directly affects performance and longevity. A proactive approach through holistically caring for your body fends off disease. It reduces the potential for accidents and illness and even if they do happen, you’ll be in a better position to recover.


9 Components of a Long-Term Health Strategy


  1. Think long-term investment. Although catastrophic events occur, most wear happens after years of misuse. Similarly, the big killers – obesity, heart disease, cancer and stroke – take years to develop. A long-term healthy strategy prevents, or at least delays this.


  1. Balance intake/output. You don’t fill up your gas tank until you’ve burned off what’s already there. Click to tweet quote. Obesity is an epidemic. Burn off the calories before filling up.


  1. Use Nutritional Supplements. When standard ingredients aren’t enough, you put additives into your motorcycle. But make sure the additives are appropriate for your use. The wrong ones can create other problems.


  1. Look. Routine inspections alert you to trouble before it becomes a problem. When you detect something wrong, make changes early to stop it from progressing.


  1. Listen. Your ears can pick up what your eyes don’t see. Intuition is the best guide there is. Listen to it and heed its advice.


  1. Consider your family history. Certain models are prone to specific mechanical problems. Knowing that, you can take the steps necessary to address the issue. Knowing you have a familial risk for certain health issues allows you to modify your nutritional regime accordingly.


  1. Tailor to your unique design. All bikes are not the same and do not have the same nutritional requirements. Neither are people. Level of activity, age and gender are some of the factors that determine the quantity and composition of your dietary needs.


  1. Read the label. Put the wrong type of brake fluid in your bike and you’ve got a big problem. Know the ingredients you’re putting into your body.


  1. Buy quality foods. High quality ingredients keep bikes running trouble-free longer. It’s the same with people. Eat the highest quality foods you can afford. Not only will you look better and have more energy, you’ll be healthier.


Care for yourself as you do for your motorcycle. Adopting a long term health strategy keeps you healthier longer. Your body houses your spirit so taking good care of it respects who you are. It’s never too late to start. Take the first step today.


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