9 Signs You’re Malnourished

A malnourished body is no different than a malnourished motorcycle. In either case, eventually you’ll be marooned.

malnourishedRiders get to know their bike’s nuances and can detect subtle signs that something is wrong. It may be that the engine sounds different, it handles differently or it starts consuming oil or excessive fuel. All of those are indications to take a closer look at what’s happening. Much of it can be avoided by keeping it nurtured.

Nurturing body, mind and spirit does the same for your being. Nonetheless, it’s easy to get caught up in life and give your Self short shrift.

9 signs you’re malnourished


  1. Engine sputter. It’s time to diagnose what’s wrong. On your bike, it could be caused by problems relating to fuel, ignition or vacuum hoses. Personally, if you’re having trouble maintaining energy levels, take the time to find out why. In either case, leaving it uncorrected will make the problems worse.


  1. Empty gas tank. Use up the gas and any reserve in the tank and you’ll be stranded somewhere, calling for roadside assistance. You too have limits on how far you can push yourself before refueling. Push it too far and you’ll be stranded.


  1. Low oil. Engine oil lubricates, cleans, protects, seals and cools the engine. It is so critical to the function of the engine that even low levels can cause damage. Let it get low enough and your engine will seize. A nutritious diet feeds your body, helps keep you healthy and shows respect for who you are.


  1. Low air. An engine that runs “rich”, fouls spark plugs and causes bad fuel economy. Not only is it critical to have a healthy diet, you need to have the right balance of nutrients for mind, body and spirit.


  1. Rust. Let your motorcycle sit idle for long enough and you’ll see rust. The same thing happens when you let your skills and talents sit idle. They need to be used. You’ll feel much better – and more alive – for doing so.


  1. Hard rubber. Rubber on tires and hoses hardens and degrades over time. How it’s used and cared for will affect its longevity. While you can’t do anything about aging, a healthy intake of positive thoughts, good foods and good friends works miracles.


  1. Overheating. Your engine overheats when there’s not enough cool air circulating around it, or it’s low on coolant. Allowing this to happen can cause potentially irreversible damage. Ignoring your need for nourishment and rest will do the same to you.


  1. Dead battery. When electrolyte levels are too low, the battery plates dry out and the battery loses its capacity. A hydrated, nourished body can create electrolytes needed for a myriad of functions. Electrolyte imbalances in body or battery can both cause and indicate disorders.


  1. No spark. Spark plugs conduct electricity and provide electrodes for the current to jump across, creating a spark, which ignites the fuel/air mixture. If it doesn’t get enough voltage, the spark will be weak or non-existent. This leads to poor fuel economy, reduced performance and can lead to engine damage. Be receptive and listen to your intuition. You can’t continue to serve and give energy if you’re not receiving it.


Love yourself! Show it by eating healthy food and water. Nourish your mind with positive thoughts and actions. Feed your spirit by following your inner guide and quiet time so you can hear the message – and receive the gifts.



photo credit: Zoriah via photopin cc


Author, writer, student and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.