29 Riders Share Top Motorcycle Gift Ideas

The season of gratitude, gift giving and festivity is upon us. We asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What tops your moto wish list?”


motorcycle gift ideas29 Riders Share Top Motorcycle Gift Ideas


  1. Mark K. Touratech crash bar bags for my GS.


  1. Tammy P.  Right now, a new bike! Why? Seized my engine the end of October. Sigh.


  1. Lindsay T.  Money to buy everything else.


  1. Noel H.  A bigger (auxillary) gas tank. Because some places you want to go contain a long distance between gas stops.


  1. John T.  A snow blower that would attach to the front of the bike, so I could get out and ride!!!


  1. Dorion O.  A [BMW] GS


  1. Keith O. My Mother to ride with me one more time.


  1. Randy B. I really want to set up one of my CBR125R’s for the snow..so a set of off road tires for them would be sweet. Though I know what my wife will say…”I’m not buying you tires for Christmas”…sigh..


  1. Frank B. A fuel indicator would be nice


  1. John R. More time to ride


  1. Sam H.  More horsepower!


  1. Suhaymath N. I do only have one thing on my moto wish list: quite simply to return to riding. Most will be able to jump on their bikes at season’s end! In my case, I wish to return after a long, unwanted hiatus from motorcycling.


  1. Juan W. I have a fuel indicator, and boy I could wish for greater.


  1. Shawn D. Waterproof riding gear.


  1. Don Elliott Loud pipes. Mostly because they save lives, but also because I had to take them off because I got in trouble in Quebec. True story. I have/had Vance and Hines slip-ons on my bike, cruised past an officer that was parked on a side street. I was going about 55kph in a 50 kph zone and I was pulled over because the bike “looked” like I had aftermarket pipes on. I was way low in the rev range and not making excessive noise. The pipes are actually only slightly louder than factory. If you get puled over in Quebec, you can expect to be photographed and measured (the bike) from tip to tail and even up the pipe. (ouch) It happened.


  1. Wayne Jr N. A garage big enough for 10 motorcycles…build it and they will come!


  1. Kees S.  A set of happy trail panniers for my little F650!


  1. Tammy P. I found an analog compass to be very useful


  1. b>Mark K. KLIM Adventure Rally riding gear. I love my Aerostich Darien gear but would like to try something different.


  1. Noel H. Stuff I have now and wouldn’t be without is my Gerbing heated jacket liner. I would like a Redverz tent but my Eureka Kananskis timberline 4 person will have to do for now. (No, the bike won’t fit in it like it would in the Redverz).


  1. Doug J.  Gerbing heated glove liners to hook up to the jacket liner! Warmth is comfort!


  1. Dean V. sport bike track stands–found a new hobby!!!!


  1. Paul B. A chrome cup holder. Got to have my coffee!


  1. Keith O.  Schuberth helmet.


  1. Tony M. Memphis Shades batwing fairing or a new bike!!


  1. Suhaymath N. A couple of things that constantly top my ever-changing moto gear wish list are the Leatt neck brace and a full set of Knox under-armour. Can’t be too protected!


  1. Frank B. Quality blue tooth between riders


  1. Don E. Everything for me has to be functional. I have a complete touring bike and need nothing. The only thing I want to add is more speakers. (Don’t need heated items, but that may be the next step)


  1. Kevin S.  Year round riding weather

What tops your list?



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