Motorcycle Adventure Times Two: 4 Couples Travel the World

While no one keeps numbers on these things, it seems that most motorcycle adventure travelers, at least the ones I knew, were single. It makes it easy to pick up and go. Now all of a sudden, I’m hearing of more couples who are taking off  – across the continent and around the world. Their trips last from a few months to a year and their ages range from 30’s to 50’s.

It takes courage, not so much for the motorcycle part. But to me, it’s true test of a relationship. Sure it’s an adventure, exciting and fun, but living on the road with limited conveniences for extended periods has got to have its challenges.

My hat’s off to them! What a wonderful, life-altering experience to undertake. Follow these blogs and find out how they do it – and where they’re are!

But be forewarned.  It could be contagious!


Adventure MapChantal and Jean

Until June, Chantal Cournoyer was the Special Events and PR Manager at Moto Internationale BMW/ Harley-Davidson Montréal. No stranger to adventure, several years ago, she Stephanie Chagnon became the first women to cross the Sahara on motorcycles in the Trophée Roses Des Sables, a rally for women in the Moroccan desert.

Now she and her partner Jean are exploring the Americas from north to south. Last I heard, they were preparing to cross into Mexico.

Chantal is one of the women whose story is in Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment. Their blog is in French but if you use Google Chrome, it’s easily translated.


Nita and Issa

This couple has just crossed Canada as a kick-off to their Trans-World Adventure. Their blog is wonderful, fascinating and filled with awe-inspiring stories and photography. Although we haven’t met yet, I’ve been keeping a close eye on their adventures.

In 2011, they established the Lost for Good Project, whose primary purpose is to promote small, positive contributions by overland travelers within the communities they visit.


Scott and Wanda

I met Scott and Wanda at BMW Motorrad Days at Mosport in August. In 2010, they left their home on tiny Gabriola Island, B.C., on one motorcycle, to explore their home county. Gone for 4 months, they got to see their country, gained a greater understanding of where they were from, and why they were so proud to be Canadian.

Although Wanda is a licensed rider, illness decided she would take this trip as a passenger.


Neda and Gene

They have traveled by motorcycle in India, Europe and North America. Neda was one of the Dirty Dozen riders, part of a fund-raising off-road adventure organized by the Womens Motorcyclist Foundation in the Colorado Rockies in 2009. Now they’ve sold everything, except for what was needed for this trip, and in June, left to travel around the world.


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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