27 Riders Share 66 Favorite Motorcycle Gadgets

As soon as you purchase a motorcycle, you’re thinking of ways to enhance the experience even more.  We asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What gadgets do you use to make your ride more comfortable or increase convenience?”


motorcycle gadgets27 Riders Share 66 Favorite Motorcycle Gadgets


There are a few repeats and LOTS of great ideas.


  1.    Greg H.

1.1.    GPS , but it’s only as good as the guy who programs it lol

2.    Mark K.

2.1.    Most importantly my Russell day long saddle, followed by

2.2.    Bar risers.

3.    Suzie Q B.

3.1.    Yes my heated handlebars are heaven! !

3.2.    My newly installed rockin stereo. ..and

3.3.    My heated vest. For the days when the cows are NOT laying down….sigh..lol—

4.    Kathy B.

4.1.    Hi everyone, Last year I purchased the Scala Rider system and absolutely love it.

4.2.    I now have an IPhone 5 and I am excited about running it with the GPS off of the phone and see how that works.

4.3.    I used my daughter’s tank bag last year and I am now seriously considering getting one for my bike.

4.4.    And I must not forget my heated jacket. it is always packed in the bike, because you never know when your going to need it!

5.  Tanya M. Gadgets?

5.1.    My dollar store cup holder.

5.2.    My Princess Auto electric gloves that cost $12 &

5.3.    My ahooga horn I use when passing kids on the side walk or antique cars!

5.4.    My stereo, which plays USB sticks. A 16g holds 1000’s of songs I have in folders. Depending on my mood, I have songs for EVERY ride!!!

5.5.    I have a scrolling LED license plate frame I can program to say what’s on my mind too. I love my gadgets!!!

6.    Juan W.

6.1.    My Trailer for my Luggage, if I travel

7.  John H.

7.1.    My $62 cup holder!

8.  Joseph B.  As few as possible, firm believer in keeping things simple and enjoying the ride without any distractions from gadgetry of any kind.

9.    Cal J.

9.1.    Windshield &

9.2.    Throttle lock!

10. Brad S.

10.1.   GPS

10.2.   Water bottle holder,

10.3.   Handy pouches for misc items, and

10.4.   12V charger for my Ipod/cell phone

11. Jo Anne V.

11.1.  Mustang seat,

11.2.  Scala rider,

11.3.  Saddle bags,

11.4.  Heel rests…

12. Bruce B.

12.1.  GPS unit.

13. Tom N.

13.1.  Heated grips &

13.2.  Corbin seat. It’s cold in January.

14. Beverly Y. If I want gadgets I’ll drive my car

15. Peter P. 

15.1.  Always use my bar-mounted Garmin GPS. Never gets me lost any more..

16. Gene B.

16.1.   Just an off the shelf waffle foam seat cushion in a nonskid bottom and open weave nylon top !

17. Jennifer P.

17.1.  Ditto on the heated jacket and

17.2.  Glove liners. They truly make long rides much more enjoyable.  Also

17.3.  Highway pegs installed on our DR650s so we can stretch our legs out.

18. Les M.

18.1.   Sirius satellite radio

19. Cory D.

19.1.   Rain gear,

19.2.   Heated hand grips,

19.3.   Adjustable wind screen,

19.4.   GPS,

19.5.   Sena helmet communicator,

19.6.   Quick detach saddlebags,

19.7.   Tank bag,

19.8.   Kickstand puck (so I can stop at any cool spot along the way) and of course

19.9.   Bungee cords. So much for keeping simple eh?

20. Kris G.

20.1.    After entering the early stages of hypothermia on a ride, I invested in a heated jacket liner. Best purchase ever!

21. Paul B.

21.1.    Batwing and

21.2.    Mustang seat with back rest

22. Brenda B.

22.1.   Mustang seat,

22.2.   Heated grips,

22.3.   Scala rider,

22.4.   Foot pegs.

23. Rick M.

23.1.   Beaded seat cover – managed 1700km in a day on it, would have had numb bum within 200km otherwise.

24. Rick W.

24.1.   Scala headsets,

24.2.   Heated grips,

24.3.   Sheepskin,

24.4.   Highway pegs,

24.5.   Heated vest,

24.6.   GPS,

24.7.   Utopia driver’s backrest,

24.8.   Vest plug for my wife when she rides with me

25. Tom M.

25.1.   Garmin Zumo 550 GPS, plus

25.2.   Heated gloves for The Mrs.

26. Fred B.

26.1.   Bead seat cover and

26.2.    Sheepskin for long rides

27. Guy C.

27.1.   Risers


What favorite motorcycle gadgets can you add?




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