19 Riders Talk About Motorcycle Gloves

As a rider, you know the importance of good gear that works and is comfortable. Hand protection in particular needs to fit well so it doesn’t interfere with dexterity and flexibility. We asked the fans of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What do you look for in moto gloves? How many different kinds do you have? How do you know which gloves to choose?”

motorcycle gloves19 Riders Talk About  Motorcycle Gloves

Photo credits: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

  1. Jeff D. LOVE my heated gloves, especially this time of the year!


  1. Kim C.  I love the mesh for summer !! Still haven’t found the perfect pair…but have many …like u liz….worn !!


  1. Ursula B.  I have a favorite pair of dear skin gauntlet gloves that are comfortable for almost the whole riding season. for summer heat I have a fingerless pair. For “almost winter” ski gloves!


  1. Henri D. As a cruiser rider & someone who feels the cold, I’m all about staying warm. I currently have 3 pair, cold/wet gloves, thin gloves for hot weather, & a pair for everyday…& what I’m not wearing are in the saddlebags!


  1. Liz J. I carry a stock with me too Henri.


  1. Suhaymath N.  Generally, I go for gauntlet style, leather gloves with knuckle protection. I’ve looked at under-the-sleeve style gloves, but have never owned a pair. If it’s a rain glove, it definitely must be waterproof. A built-in squeegee is a plus, but not a requirement.


  1. Life is a journey I have several pairs of gloves and found that the warmth they provide is not the primary consideration. A good fit that allows for a comfortable grip and good feel is more important. Having said that my gloves range from full gauntlet to shorty/fingerless.


  1. Danielle B.  Fit! Guantlet. Comfort. Palm pads


  1. Tom M.  Mesh for hot weather. Leather and heated grips for cold. I’ll give up my heated grips when you pry them from my cold dead hands.  I use leather until they stick to my hands. Then I go for mesh.


  1. Lily S. Plain tanned deerskin. Comfortable, they dry quickly and you have a chamois on each hand to dry your face shield.


  1. Tim M. I have both leather gauntlet and cloth motocross styled gloves


  1. Garth W.  Too many to count and still looking for a good waterproof dual sport glove. Favs are a plain leather gauntlet


  1. Liz J. I have a favorite pair of unlined leather gloves that i’ve just about worn the fingertips through on.


  1. Bob E. got a waterproof pair for the rain and a vented pair for the heat. Third pair is generic for the in-between and colder days.


  1. Brad S. several pairs for different conditions. waterproof, winter gauntlet, and ventilated for normal warm dry days. Don’t own any finger less gloves. Either leather or synthetic for wet.


  1. Lindsay T. Mostly I look for comfort, but protection particularly in racing gloves


  1. Brenda B. I have 3 pr..One for summer, and 2 for winter.


  1. John T. I have dozens, as there is nothing worse than riding with wet gloves!


  1. Vitor F. for me simple, fingerless for summer, and nice warm ones for winter. so 2 pairs


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