20 Riders Reveal How They Plan Their Motorcycle Touring Day

We travel by motorcycle because we love it and it’s the best way to experience anything!  IMHO. Yet within our community, riders have many different interests and perspectives when it comes to motorcycle touring.


motorcycle-touringHow far do you travel in a day? Do you build rest/rain/weather days into your schedule? How fixed is your schedule?


Here’s how these Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook fans, plan their travel.


How detailed do you get in your planning?


20 Riders Reveal How They Plan Their Motorcycle Touring Day

Note: Although many of these responses are from Canadians, they come from friends on both sides of the border. They could be talking in either miles or kilometers.  1 mile = 1.6 kilometers


  1. Andrew P.  I stay away from anything fixed on principle.  Okay, I can plan to be certain places by certain days and try to keep my target mileage under 300 (which I can double to make up time if needed).


  1. Pam B.  My mileage varies but I tend to head out around 9 or 10 am and ride all day until I feel like stopping, usually around 7 or 8 pm. Quick lunch break and a few stretch and refresh breaks while filling up.


  1. Karen G. I like to know generally where I am going to be at the end of the day, as I usually travel alone, and like to have a place booked in advance for the night. So I usually plan to go about 600 km in a day, but I like to be flexible in my route. I try to always allow myself an “insurance” day, in the event of bad weather or some other delay.


  1. Bruce P.  It depends where I need to be, and when. The most I have done is 720 miles in one hit, so far, let’s see what happens as Mike Speechley and I try and get to Seattle for the RoRo.


  1. Kirby B. I have driven from Halifax to Cornwall On in one day, that is probably my record for distance. I have went from Halifax , around the Cabot Trail and back home in one day, that was also a long day. My average day is about 7 – 8 hours including stops


  1. Bruce H.  When my butt says Whoo, I means whoo.


  1. Kathy B.  I find for myself riding more that 8 hours is tough. My concentration wonders, I am tired and just really want to stop especially after 6 o clock in the evening. I have had some great days where we have ridden all day but haven’t really gone all the far maybe 300 km. I think alot depends on the type of road you are riding etc.


  1. Noel H.  I’ve done 1000 mile days and I’ve done 100 mile days. It depends on the circumstances. If it’s all superslab then I go for mileage. I avoid the slab as much as I can though. 500 Km days are probably the nicest. It’s all about where you are going and where you are starting from. The best days are unplanned though.


  1. T. R. starting at 0600 I happy roll 600 miles by about 3 pm. AQt that point it is time tio start looking for motel or campground


  1. Tim D. 500-600 max as I like to take in the sights


  1. Tom M.  400 – 500 per day works well for us. Did the Iron Butt. Don’t wanna do it again. Liz, we were toast afterwards. Slept for 2 days.


  1. Jeffrey M.  Schedule is flexible, but like 600 minimum a day


  1. Bob E.  We always plan rest and maintenance days on longer trips.


  1. Mark-John H. It will only be my wife and I traveling on one bike for our big trip. She’s likes being in the saddle – just not for 7 hours on end.


  1. John T.  Some days, ride from morning to night, somedays , stop and smell the roses, depends on the bike both yourself and your buddies are riding!


  1. Jennifer B.  to Rocamadour in one day, with a short respite crossing the Channel…. 600 miles give or take. Left home at 0530 and got to Rocamadour for 10pm. Not to be recommend for the the faint of bottom!!!


  1. Life is a journey.  Around 500 km per day works best for us but we usually try to do shorter day or two at around day 5 or 6 when on 10 day trip.


  1. Donna R.  I prefer a 6 hour day when travelling, but have been known to do a 12 hour day out of necessity.


  1. Mike P.  As a group, 500 miles is a nice distance, and takes most of a good day. With one other, my record is 1078 Miles in a day when I joined the iron Butt Association.


  1. Dora D.I always add a couple of days for weather or bike breakdowns in my trip. I like to ride 750-800 kms a day if I have limited to get somewhere.




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