18 Riders Balance New and Favorite Motorcycle Trips

Do you prefer to go to a new place every trip or do you find a route/destination you like and go back often?

motorcycle-tripsHere’s how these Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook fans approach their riding.

What’s your preference?


18 Riders Balance New and Favorite Motorcycle Trips


  1. Liz J. This is the problem – there are SO many neat places to travel to and I want to see them all. And that’s just in North America!


  1. Karen G. Best of both worlds…..go on at least 2 trips. I like to go someplace new every summer, plus go back to my favorite place from a previous year!


  1. Tony M. I like to visit new places but sometimes going to old spots taking a different route.


  1. Bruce H.  Nothing wrong with a nice combo platter of riding. Works both ways but even well traveled routes can look, feel, and even smell different every trip.


  1. Lindsay D. Weekend trips….same great places perhaps but longer road trips? There’s so much out there to discover, it’d be hard to think about going somewhere I’ve already been…


  1. Jacques B.  different roads


  1. Noel H. I tend to try new places but I have been touring for so long now I need to be retired in order to have the time to get to a place I haven’t been yet


  1. Matthew I.Again that could go either way. New experiences are great but just because you have done it before doesn’t reduce how great a road or destination is.


  1. Tom M. Yes to both.


  1. John T. Quite often we find ourselves traveling on some of the same roads on route to our destination, but we also try to mix things up. Unless you trailer, you are going to be on some familiar roads along the way. Sometimes, you will find an amazing place that you want to visit again, and that is cool, but it is also great to see new places.


  1. D.I have a couple of destinations I do regularly, but other than that, new is always nice


  1. Kathy B.I am much like Tim. There are rides that you could ride yearly or several times a year, but there is so much to see so it is always a hard choice!


  1. Mark-John H.but for the long trips – I want to see the world and meet new people. Daytrips around here we’ll do routes we know and like.


  1. Michael G. Try to find new places each trip.


  1. Mike P.For my group, Americade in lake George NY is almost a yearly deal. We sneak in rides where ever we can after that. Gettysburg is a fun ride and nice destination–there is still soooo much to see!


  1. Mark-John H.Sometimes need to go through the known to get there though – and then I’d pick what I know AND like. I like new.


  1. Shorty J.Like to explore different places!


  1. Dora DiI definitely like to find new places!


How do you find the balance between new roads and tested favorites?




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2 Comments on “18 Riders Balance New and Favorite Motorcycle Trips

  1. Both. I like riding on different roads to one of my favourite spots in Maine. Even if the last bit is always the same, the road is just wonderful because it leads to it and at the destination are tons of great routes to explore, find something new every time. But there is nothing like going to new places, seeing the new road and see how the imagination is comparing to reality…! As always, a good mix is what I like!

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