Remembrance Day Tribute

Remembrance Day

Today on Remembrance Day 2012, we pay special tribute to all those who have served our countries in the military. Their sacrifices, courage and patriotism have given us the way of life we enjoy today.

We will never know the horrors of war and peacekeeping they have endured or what they’ve had to do in the name of service. Ironically, being removed from conflict while enjoying our liberties makes it easy to become complacent and forget the price of freedom. Those who have actively fought for them will never forget.

Last year I wrote an article, commemorating the service of the CAV (Canadian Army Veterans) Motorcycle Unit that was published in the Toronto Star. The message is timeless and bears re-reading. Helping Others Helps Veterans Heal

When you see active or retired military men and women, take a moment to say “Thank you.” They need to hear it and we need to remember.


Remembrance Day



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