RYNO Sighting

The New Year brings new possibilities of all sorts. Consider the RYNO for your urban adventures. 

With its zero-emissions operation, clever removable battery packs, and jaw-dropping, futuristic, anime-inspired styling, the RYNO concept merges the green movement with a total sense of coolness in a way the Toyota Prius or Divvy rental bike simply doesn’t. Whenever a RYNO is around, people gawk – made clear when my interview was interrupted with the far-off shout: “Hey, RYNO guy!”

RYNO is gearing up to deliver an incredibly agile product that combines the best characteristics of a unicycle, bicycle, and motorcycle. The production version of the microbike leans into corners like a bike before slowing to walking speed and joining the foot traffic on sidewalk. At that speed, the RYNO’s rider can roll right through the doors of an office building and into an elevator before spinning around, pressing the floor button, and effortlessly backing up like any other person on foot.

Source: Fix.com

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Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

4 Comments on “RYNO Sighting

  1. How very interesting, although I must admit to skepticism. I wonder what population would be served. I assume this would be for people who live inside an urban core, who don’t drive a car much. 160+ lbs. means not easy to pick up and move. If it is primarily for sidewalk travel how would it fit in with pedestrians, bicycles, skate boarders, etc.? I just can’t see someone getting on an elevator on one of these. It seems to me an urban re-design would be in order, which wouldn’t be a bad thing as we move towards removing our dependence on fossil fuel. Many, many questions. A video would be nice.

    Thanks for sharing Liz.

    • You’re welcome Bill. Skepticism is natural. But look at it for the market it’s intended for and think of the possibilities – from reducing the environmental footprint to urban congestion – and it looks like fun! New concepts always evolve, but it has to start somewhere and this looks like a pretty solid start.

      Here’s a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1YoCfm7nxU..

      • Got the vid, Thx. One of the biggest problems I see for the current model (aside from the limitation of 15 miles requiring a 6 hour charge)is – Where does it belong? I would like to see a push for separate roadways, which segregate the fossil fuel/hybrid vehicles from all other modes, much like what has been adopted in Europe for many years. I remember them in Rotterdam in 1958 when I was a boy vacationing in Holland.

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