Special Delivery

In our fast-paced electronic age, sending greeting cards by post is going the way of the dinosaur. Yet it’s wonderful to get that special delivery in the mail.

special-deliveryRecently, very close friends lost a family member after an extended illness. I posted a sympathy card with a brief note – and was touched by how much it meant, when they received it in the mail.

I enjoy sending cards or notes for special occasions, thank-you’s, celebrations – and for no reason at all.

When one puts pen to paper and sends a personal greeting, there’s somehow a special connection that is hard to replicate electronically.

It’s also a delight to go to the mailbox and find one addressed to me.

Imagine the feeling, when this family received a hand-written note from the Doctor who cared for their loved one in her last days.  See the letter here.

The practice of sending greeting cards goes back at least to Egyptian times and has a fascinating history. Read a heart-warming history of the custom here.

Maybe it’s time to resurrect it. At least a little.



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  1. Yes, it meant a LOT – your close friend… Did I tell you today how much I love you and your friendship?! May you have a wonderful weekend…!!!