9 Techniques to Stay Grounded

Knowing how to stay grounded is the foundation on which all other experiences evolve – riding or other. Just as it’s essential for your safe motorcycle travel to stay in contact with the ground, so is it essential to keep body, mind and spirit grounded and balanced. Your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being relies on it, especially during times of change.


stay-groundedDifficulty concentrating, losing track of time and constant worry are signs that you’re losing your connection to who you are. It’s time to re-establish your connection to ground and restore


9 techniques to stay grounded


  1. Breathe. Notice your breathing. Use a stop as an opportunity to take a deep relaxing breath. Roll your shoulders slowing in both directions, noticing as the tension leaves your body.


  1. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Ignoring unusual behavior from your bike requires you to stop, figure out what’s going on and fix the problem. To carry on would be foolhardy. The same applies to you.


  1. Go solo. Even if your preference is to ride with others, make going for a solo ride a regular habit. Time alone eliminates distractions and forces you to get to know yourself better.


  1. See things as they are. It’s easier to see things as you want them to be, rather than as they are. This could prove fatal on a motorcycle. Use the same observation skills that alert you to hazards on the road to staying grounded on your life’s path. Slow down enough to see them.


  1. Accept support. A motorcycle is not self-sufficient. It takes energy beyond its own to keep it rolling down the road. Left to its own devices (without a sidestand), it would fall over. You’re not meant to go it alone. Ask for help when you need it. You’ll be surprised at the gifts the Universe delivers.


  1. Express gratitude. It keeps you and your role in the grand scheme of things in perspective. It shows you’ve noticed, develops awareness and extends kindness.


  1. Take action. A motorcycle doesn’t get anywhere unless you apply the throttle. Neither do you. Once you’ve set your eyes on your goal, direct your energy on traveling there, staying connected with who you are and your inner guidance.


  1. Remain unattached to outcome. If things don’t work out as you planned, pick yourself up, figure out what went wrong and learn the lesson. Take action to achieve your goals, while realizing you are not in control. Do the work you need to do without trying to manipulate the situation How to Set Goals Without Caring About the Outcome


  1. Get off the beaten track. Get off your bike. Take a break to sit or walk and commune in nature. I look forward to Interstate rest stops to lie on the ground, watch the clouds and have a nap. There are many roadside parks, overlooks and scenic areas to walk in and have a picnic lunch. Or just stop at a place of beauty that calls to you.


Use these techniques to stay grounded and receptive to insights, creativity and the gifts from the Universe that surround you. Having a healthy outlook prepares you for safe and enjoyable travels on both your earth road and your spiritual journey.



photo credit: Auntie P via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

2 Comments on “9 Techniques to Stay Grounded

  1. Thanks again Liz, for putting out there…common sense pieces that aren’t always altogether common for most.

    • We let fear get in the way and forget we’re here to spread love and show compassion.Spread it around! 🙂 Thanks Kelley.


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