The Gift of Motorcycling: Letting Our Lights Shine

by Liz Jansen

gift of motorcyclingFor tens of thousands of years, people have been celebrating the December Solstice with feasts, festivals, and holidays. Whether the light in your part of the world is returning or waning, the celebrations usually involve gift giving and receiving. The most valuable gifts we have to offer, however, are the traits, talents, and passions we brought into the world with us. For some of us, that includes the gift of motorcycling.

These gifts that live within us are there to help us fulfill our purpose. Using them brings us joy and makes our light burn brighter. Sharing them delivers joy to those whose lives we touch, usually unknowingly.

One of us life’s greatest quests is finding and then honoring our gifts. Sometimes we’re afraid that speaking and acting from our heart makes us look silly or different than everyone else. I know I think about it. It feels like I’m the only one with a given perspective and sharing it will alienate me from others. It can be a lonely place if we lose our focus.

The truth is, we are different than anyone else. Consequently, the gifts we’ve been given for our role are different, customized for our unique purpose in whatever role we’ve been called to fill. Trying to conform to what we think others expect of us shortchanges us and makes us restless. It also shortchanges others because we’ve withheld our gifts from them.

The gift of motorcycling is a prime example of a distinctive tool we use to spread goodness and joy. It’s a calling and not intended for everyone. But if it’s something your heart is urging you to follow, then you know it. By responding, it’s a way you can make a difference.

It takes courage to learn to ride or to get back on when we’ve dropped our motorcycle, especially if it’s in front of others. But when we push through that comfort zone, we discover deep strengths we weren’t aware of; traits and tools that are transferable to other parts of our life’s journey. We open ourselves to new possibilities.

Like our roles in life, gifts come in all configurations, sizes, and combinations. We can’t compare their value to someone else’s because they’re given to us for this specific journey. We need concern ourselves only with using our gifts, whatever they are, to their greatest potential. That includes the gift of motorcycling.

When we do, not only does our light shine brighter, but it also offers light where it’s needed.





Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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