7 Ways to Unleash Your Power

The same power that makes the planets orbit, enables trees to grow and tides to move in and out on a flawless schedule, powers each person. Difficult as it is to comprehend, you can constrain that power through your thoughts, beliefs and choices.


unleash-your-powerImagine the difference it would make if you tapped into just a fraction more of that power.


7 ways to unleash your power


  1. Transfer power. For a motorcycle to move forward, power needs to be transferred from the engine to the rear wheel. In life, unless you put your thoughts and dreams into action, you’re not going to express your creativity. While alerting you to danger, fear attempts to keep you safe when it senses change. In reality, it usually serves only to constrain you through worry, anger, guilt and disappointment. Diverting energy to these emotions means it’s not being used fully to express your creativity. 9 Actions that Interfere with Transfer of Power


  1. Choose wisely. You manage the power of your motorcycle through the choices you make. How you apply throttle, brake and gearing determines how much available power you access. How you control your thoughts, emotions and behaviors influence your confidence, perception of self and personal effectiveness. 9 Choices that Express Your Power


  1. Reduce reliance on appearance. A motorcycle’s power isn’t affected by the color of paint, customized graphics or cosmetic accessories. People come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. Like a motorcycle, the power comes you’re your engine, not external accouterments. 9 Life Lessons about Appearance


  1. Listen to yourself first. Pundits abound. While many are credible and offer constructive advice, others sound believable and speak with confidence, yet their words lack substance. First and foremost, they are speaking through their own filters. Let your intuition be your ultimate guide. 9 Tips on Who to Listen To


  1. Practice. Proficiency and confidence go hand in hand with learning how to access personal power. No matter what skill you’re learning developing it takes patience, practice and persistence. Every time you’re faced with a new challenge, there’ll be a learning curve as you discover increasing depths of power. 9 Riding Skills Teach Lessons on Personal Power


  1. Maintain balance. Maintaining balance and control on two wheels is greatly influenced by where you focus your eyes, how you position your center of gravity and move your weight around. Balancing your workload and personal responsibilities, prioritizing your activities and learning to say no, helps you manager your power and energy levels. 9 Ways to Manage Power Through Balance


  1. Keep it up. It’s a myth that power declines with age. Your spirit, from which power originates, is ageless. So although the body in which it’s housed changes, personal power remains with you, can continue to strengthen and seek expression for as long as you’re traveling the Road of life. 9 Ways to Age with Power and Vitality

Most people use a fraction of their available power. Learning to access it, trust it and put it into action ironically takes a great deal of courage. Unleash your power and watch the world change.



photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc



Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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