16 Motorcycle Riders on How to Handle Unsafe Drivers

What do you do when you’re either following or being followed by an unsafe driver?


unsafe-driversWe put the question to Motorcycle Mojo Magazine fans during a recent online chat session.  Read what they’ve got to say — and add yours in the comments below.


16 Riders on How to Handle Unsafe Drivers


  1. Mark K. I can’t control the space behind me but I can control it in front of me so I make sure I always have lots of room in front for a quick getaway. If it is really bad I just safely pull over to let them pass and wait a few minutes so I don’t have to deal with them…


  1. John T.  Remove myself from the situation!


  1. Lou A.  Ditto


  1. Kathy B.  My goal is to get away from them. Either I will slow down to have them pass me because I figure they will get the ticket first or I will speed up to get away from them. It depends on conditions


  1. Kevin G.  Ha-ha ……I’ll go with my answer from # 3. Get away from the morons!


  1. Suhaymath N. Following: back off and/or use an alternate route. Being followed: If I can further get ahead without being too speedy or otherwise obnoxious about it, great. Otherwise, I use an alternate route or give them as much room as possible to pass, then switch to “following” strategy.


  1. Mostro D.  same for me


  1. Tammy P. Pull over


  1. Catharine SD.  yup, I am with you Tammy, after watching that video of those yahoo’s in NY and what they did, if that where me, I pull over on my bike or in my car.


  1. Suzie B.  Get the hellllllll out of the situation. ..pull over in a safe place take a stretch break…


  1. George M.  I agree, get your self out of the situation safely. If you have to concentrate on one really bad driver, you are going to miss the poor drivers around you.


  1. William H.  Turn off and take another route if I can !


  1. Darlene D.  I increase my space margins and always have an escape route and on occasion I pull over and let them go by.


  1. Annie K.  I either slow down to let them pass or just change lanes an get way ahead of them.


  1. Noel H.  If I can’t get away by letting them get ahead of me I go and have lunch. (I live near a small town and spend most of my time on the highway.)


  1. Brad G.  Alternate route. But sometimes the bird makes an appearance when there is no other option.


What do you do if you’re around an unsafe driver?   What if he’s being you?   What if she’s in front of you?







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