10 Rider Tips on Dealing with Unsafe Group Riding

While group riding is lots of fun, when choosing others to ride with, safety must be the #1 priority.


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We asked riders, in the groups you ride with, what does your group do when a member of a group you’re riding with rides unsafely? What action do you take?


Here’s how these experienced Motorcycle Mojo fans responded.

10 rider tips on dealing with unsafe group riders


  1. Earl A. Pull over and have a little chat. If that fails, I leave that group and head off alone. If its a member of our club, we chat and if it continues, member is voted out. There’s enough idiots out there…


  1. Ursula B.  I find we are not “that reckless”.  Our “group” is just a bunch of friends that live close enough to each other that we can put together a ride within minutes with a text and a phone call. I really do not like ‘structure” or planning.


  1. Linda Y. We would have to have a little talk!!!


  1. Donna R.  I have actually left a couple of rides when they turned unsafe.


  1. Ted W.  On a demo ride a few years back, guy near the back decided he was better than the staggered formation and began passing everyone in the same lane. The crowed formed a single line for a right turn and as I was leaning in to my turn on the new bike I was riding-his gas tank was inches from my right grip!!!! In the turn!!  The escorts saw me grab clutch & brake mid-turn and save myself, the bike & the jerk! The escorts wouldn’t let the ride go past 2nd gear and escorted the jerk to sign-up where he was banned and escorted from the dealership.


  1. Marc T. O.  We chat prior and if something happens the road Captain would get us pulled over and unsafe rider would be asked to fall in behind us if they wished to continue with us. We find that slow training with newcomers solves this issue and the beef prior to the ride.


  1. Rick E.  We have heavy duty guidelines, before the ride starts all riders are told we have to ride safely and they will be asked to leave if caught not following the rules. Another thing is if anyone has a beer at lunch he/she can not continue the ride, no if and or buts about it !!


  1. John R.  I, too, know folks I simply will not ride with . . . . . . I leave the group if they are OK with the rider.


  1. William B. H.  The road captain explains the error of his/her ways. If they refuse to change than they aren’t encouraged to ride with us any more !


  1. Rick E.  Always best to have your talk before the ride starts….if the rider is reckless your talk might come too late


How does your group handle unsafe riders?  What action do you personally take to ensure your safety?





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