What 22 Riders Want Less of at Motorcycle Shows

by Liz Jansen

Winter is show season across North America, attended each year by tens of thousands of riders.

Last Friday we asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What would you like to see more of at motorcycle shows?

This week we tell you what they’d like to see LESS of.  Check out what they think – and add your voice.  Show organizers take notice.


motorcycle-showsWhat 22 Riders Want Less of at Motorcycle Shows


  1. Roni C. Insurance booths, lawyer booths and Barbie dolls.


  1. Jeff D.  And as a father of girls, well, it bothers me. Call me a prude… but that’s my gut reaction.


  1. Jennifer P.  Babes in bikinis.


  1. Don E. I despise seeing booths that have nothing to do with motorcycles. Just crap for sale, because someone wants to sell “whatever”. Also, less of the imported, cheap leather products. I never buy from them.


  1. Brenda B.  Less vendors that look as if they all work for the same company, all selling chaps, jackets, gloves, etc.


  1. JoAnne M.  I enjoy everything about the shows and had a great time volunteering at the Motor Maid booth. If I saw something I wasn’t interested in I walked to the next booth.


  1. Daryl M.  Fewer choppers and other unrideable bikes. More gear /accessory vendors. More booths for motorcycle friendly destinations to inform us of where to stay on the road.


  1. Keith O.  Overpriced refreshments.


  1. Brian L.  Credit Card Booths. Non Motorcycle related booths.


  1. Brenda B.  Yes, I agree with Roni about the Barbie girls.. Some shouldn’t wear as little as they do.very scary sometimes.


  1. John T.  Personally, I thought this years Toronto show was much better than for many years, less attitude, less junk and more quality bikes and people! This show is definitely going in the right direction!


  1. Randy B. Less mainstream (bikes that you see everyday) I want to see the exotic machines from history, and today. Not another parade of V Twins.. Occasionally I find one that makes me sit there and stare for a while..I really enjoy those times.


  1. Lindsay T.  Gang colours, pushy insurance guys…GET OUT OF MY FACE


  1. Cliff P.  $20 entry fee on a Sunday when vendors and others are packing up to leave at 4 pm. …not exactly a bargain!!…, no coupons allowed sucked! Not to mention $7.90 for 2 bottles of Pepsi??


  1. Debbie T.  I have been attending this show for 4 years now and have always enjoyed everything about it. Cheap leathers sell to many people, boobs and butts are part of the bike world and insurance, lawyers and all venders are related to motorcycles. So, I have said what I think don’t shoot me now.


  1. Russ C. I’m not a big custom bike fan but that’s just me. I know a lot of people like the artwork.


  1. Tanya M.  I am not a fan of non motorcycle related products. Why sell hot tubs at a bike show? Hunting equipment? Campers, the non motorcycle type…I can’t tow a 5th wheel trailer with a 900 Vulcan! Toy haulers & Leesure-Lites, Hell yeah, but keep it motorcycle specific. Also, if 3rd party companies are selling tickets on trips or merchandise, the people hosting the show should research these sales to make certain that people’s information will not be sold to fraudulent businesses. I’m sick of winning cruises if I give my credit card info!!!


  1. Daniel M.  Vacuum salesmen….


  1. Alex B.  Flea market vendors


  1. Martin D. No possibility to buy accessories. (Montréal and Québec)


  1. Suhaymath N.  Less of? At a motorcycle show? Is there such a thing?


  1. Derek B. I’m with Jeff. Having two daughters 18 and 21 and then seeing the slutification of girls around their age kind of sickens me…


What would you like to see less of at the motorcycle shows?





Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

4 Comments on “What 22 Riders Want Less of at Motorcycle Shows

  1. I have been on motorcycles since I was 4 years old – it is my passion and part of my life. I enjoy the motorcycle shows and all the hard work it takes to present them and make them available to us. I enjoy the variety at the shows as well. I do agree with many that the women and young girls who walk around with less clothing is not necessary. I would have liked to see more of the 2014 model bikes at some of the dealers. And I also agree that more vendors with locations for bikers to travel and stay would be nice. But overall I never get tired of going to the bike shows. I take in what is of interest to me. It’s exhilarating – especially in January in Toronto when the weather is usually cold and snowing – it’s like having a boost of adrenaline to remind me spring is just around the corner ! A great outing with family and friends !

    • Lindsey – Someone is out plowing my driveway as we speak. But your words still make me want to get out and ride!


  2. I agree with pretty much all of this. For the “show babes,” how about dressing them in suitable RIDING GEAR? A great looking woman next to a bike AND showing off some awesome gear that other female riders may then want.

    And I also very much agree about non-motorcycle-related stuff. Save it for the home shows. And the VERY overpriced concessions. Some markup is expected, but holy cow, $7.90 for two sodas? Forget it.

    • How about leaving the show babes out altogether?? Organizers have a captive audience and charge what people will pay. I bring my own.
      Thanks Rob.

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