17 Riders on Waterproof Gear and Dry Hands and Feet

Even if you don’t plan on riding in the rain, ever, if you’re out there at all, you’re likely going to get caught in some weather. Be prepared. You might find it’s not as bad as you envisioned. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable if you’re prepared. Some of my most memorable rides have been in the rain!

We asked our fans at Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “Do you depend on waterproof boots/gloves to keep you dry in the rain? What’s your alternative?’

Feb 4 Q4 wet boots17 Riders on Waterproof Gear and Dry Hands and Feet

Photo Credit: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

  1. Jeff D.  I used to depend on good old Dubbin to waterproof my leather boots. Until I visited Glenn’s brother in Cape Breton this summer. A leather-smith, he recommended a wax-based waterproofing compound. You heat your boots in the oven and then let this stuff melt into every seam and crack. Works like magic!
  2. Catharine SD. I have destroyed way to many blow driers , GORETEX year around . Lol
  3. Jeff D.  Unless you are describing a summer drink, the words “wet” and “cold” should never be seen together.
  4. Lily S.  Sidi adventure gortex boots. Pricey but the best I’ve ever had.
  5. Garth W.  Yes gortex is my best friend. Except for the gloves. My aerostch triple digit over gloves do the trick. If it is warm and just showering I don’t sweat it as you dry out pretty quick.
  6. Benson K.  use lots of leather sealant on the boots, and in really wet weather I put my feet in bread bags inside my boots
  7. John A.  Been there done that. Hahaha Nothing like trying to dry yourself out using the wall drier in a restaurant washroom. Only to be struck by the realization you still have a long way to got that day. The gear today is far better then when I started riding ….oh my 39 years ago.
  8. Henri D.  On road trips I bring a 2nd pair of boots…my hubby rides a Goldwing, so lots of storage!
  9. Merritt K.  Gortex Boots and Bare Hands.Gortex Coat also.
  10. Tom M. Spats if it’s heavy.
  11. Bob E.  I agree. Nothing beats a good Gortex boot that is good in all conditions…..including the rain.
  12. Garth W.  Still looking for a great gortex glove with protection for under $100. Yup still dreaming
  13. Brenda B.  Bags for the boots or stay home.
  14. Brad S.  yes, but neither are waterproof enough if the rain is long and hard. I do have waterproof over boots for long ridng days in the rain.
  15. Suhaymath N.  Yeah, it’s WP boots and gloves or nothing!
  16. Vitor F. Don’t ride on the rain
  17. John T.  I have the rain suit and rain boots, but a milk bag and rubber band and garbage bag does nicely in a pinch

How do you do it??


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