Welcome 2016! We’re off!

by Liz Jansen

welcome 2016

2015 ended as 2016 began—in golden silence. No dragging through the past year to tally results, evaluate progress, or check off boxes. No setting goals or making resolutions.

Even as last year ended, plans were changing. Shoulder surgery booked for today was rescheduled to Jan. 22 because of a flood in the OR. I don’t know the details but I’m glad I wasn’t on the table when it happened!

Don’t get me wrong. I do set intentions and act on them. But it’s my heart that’s in charge these days, not my limiting mind.

This year I participated in a 4-day Silent New Year’s Retreat, led by teacher, thinker, activist, Michael Stone. Spending time at a beautiful center, walking in the woods, eating delicious organic meals, and meditating, in quiet, with no speaking, texting, phoning, or emails was a delicious and refreshing gift to myself.

It’s always fascinating to feel the sense of community that develops around a common interest and this gathering was no different. Even if you don’t know anyone, you feel the connection and the sense of belonging right away. It’s the same feeling as attending a motorcycle event. And then there’s the extra special heart-charge when you learn you share more than one passion with someone. Michael’s a serious rider, most recently on a BMW 1200GS, but now with a partner and two small children, he’s reassigned his priorities.

My prime focus is on writing Crash Landing, and seeing where that takes me. Even if none of it appears on the page, it’s been enriching to reconnect with kin to learn about the lives of my ancestors. Keeping family intact was paramount to my great-grandfather, and he succeeded through WWI, revolution, famine, civil war, and finally, getting established in a new country. Just for fun, we counted the direct descendants originating from him and his two wives. At latest count, there are almost 400 of us carrying this man’s blood!

The advent of the motorcycle show season is a sure sign that spring is almost within sight. If you’re at the Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto tomorrow, stop by the Renedian Adventures booth where I’ll be helping out my friend Rene Cormier.

A few other dates on my calendar are the Toronto Motorcycle Show on February 22nd where I’ll be hosting a new She Rides Night event, Horizons Unlimited (HUBB) Virginia Travelers Meeting, Apr. 28-May 1st, and HUBB Ontario June 9-12 (watch for more details).

Lastly, I’m happy to again be working with an eclectic, vibrant team of enthusiasts at What A Ride, sharing the best of Ontario motorcycling with you. Researching is a blast!

Looking forward to sharing the Road with you and what promises to be an outstanding year!

photo credit: Carve A Turn via photopin (license)


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

2 Comments on “Welcome 2016! We’re off!

  1. Liz – the retreat you attended sounds really interesting. Sounds like you have a full and interesting life. I look forward to riding in Canada someday. Had hoped to do it this year but, major changes in my life last year have brought about changes in my schedule and I may not get to do as much long-distance riding as I had hoped. It’s all good and I will get to Canada one of these days soon.

    Thank you for sharing all of your life adventures beyond the ones on a motorcycle!

    • Hey Fleda,

      You’re very close to the border and your dollar buys waaaaayy more here. 🙂 Here’s to more adventures for both of us!

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