9 Ways to Maintain Balance Through Life’s Construction

Wheels that are out of balance present a safety risk and cause uneven, accelerated tire wear. Riding through rough conditions such as construction and washboard roads can cause wheels to become unbalanced.

BalanceEveryone goes through rough spots and encounters bumps on the road of life. During these times it’s even more important to take steps to minimize the upset to your life.

Neglecting your Self leads to excessive fatigue and sets you up for physical, mental and emotional illness.

Caring for yourself, maintains the strength you need to stay balanced and effective while navigating rough patches.

9 Ways to Maintain Balance


  1. Prepare. Often there are signs warning you of impending construction, extended delays or road closures. When you see it coming, prepare. Make sure everything is well secured and you’re carrying only what you need. At work, keeping your skills current, maintaining an open mind and building a network of business relationships helps weather restructuring, downsizing and the like.


  1. Ask for help. There may be a way to avoid, or at least minimize the rough stuff. Likewise in life. Ask for directions from someone who’s been there before.


  1. Slow down. There’s a reason you get fined for not reducing your speed in construction zones. There’s a lot of activity and conditions change frequently. Slowing down keeps you from harming yourself or someone else.


  1. Re-prioritize. You can only do so much. Whether you are forewarned or find yourself suddenly immersed in chaos, take a breath, assess what you can delay, delegate or delete and then do it. If you’re out of commission, you can’t be of service to others either.


  1. Stay nourished. Motorcycles need fuel stops whether the road is smooth or rough. So do you. A healthy body, mind and spirit are the basis for navigating successfully through the rough stuff.


  1. Be patient with yourself. You may have intentions of accomplishing a certain distance each day and get frustrated when something beyond your control interferes with that. Be kind to yourself, focusing on what you can control, influencing what you can’t and adapting to the situation.


  1. Maintain momentum. One of the key lessons in off-road riding is to keep the throttle on when going through mud, sand or gravel. If you stop, you get mired down and don’t go anywhere. Feeling sorry for yourself, focusing on your problems and worrying will bog you down. Scary as it is, keeping your eyes on where you want to go and maintaining momentum is the only way through.


  1. Look for the gifts. Detours can lead you to unexpected scenery you would never have otherwise experienced. Life can throw you curve balls. While it may take time to see, wounds to heal and the gift to become apparent, there’s one in every life lesson.


  1. Record successes. Write them down, no matter how small. It reassures you that you’re making progress and reinforces your strength.


Like the roads you travel every day, your life’s Road is not always paved and predictable. Learning how to maintain balance while navigating safely keeps you strong, able to serve others and effective in reaching your destination.


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Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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