Canada Day—Celebrate and Remember

by Liz Jansen

It seemed appropriate to pull this article from the archives for this Canada Day on which we celebrate our freedom and those who help us keep it. Last week, Major (ret.) Edgar Wayne “Watch Dog” Boone, 58 of Ottawa, and Master Cpl. Darren Williams from Quinte West were killed when they were hit by an oncoming car while riding in formation with fellow veterans from the CAV (Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Unit.) Another rider is in serious condition. This post is dedicated to them, and all the men and women who serve. Thank you. 

Remembrance Day

Today on Remembrance Day, we pay special tribute to all those who have served our countries in the military. Their sacrifices, courage and patriotism have given us the way of life we enjoy today.

We will never know the horrors of war and peacekeeping they have endured or what they’ve had to do in the name of service. Ironically, being removed from conflict while enjoying our liberties makes it easy to become complacent and forget the price of freedom. Those who have actively fought for them will never forget.

Canada Day

There are many military motorcycle units who are actively reaching out to their comrades, especially those suffering from PSTD. Motorcycles – and the heroes who ride them – are therapy.

This year brings a new recognition to soldiers who have served, but died when they’ve chosen to take their own life. These are fallen soldiers just as are those who die during battle. Check out this website Soldiers of Suicide. Hold these soldiers in gratitude for their service and offer sympathy and support to their families. A huge word of appreciation goes to Lise Charron for birthing this project.

When you see active or retired military men and women, take a moment to say “Thank you.” They need to hear it and we need to remember.

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