Change in Plans

change in plansMy office view for six days—the majestic Rocky Mountains—from a hospital bed in Calgary. A change in plans.

I know that there are two plans for each day: my plan and Spirit’s plan. Sometimes they match; sometimes they don’t. This has come home in a very real way in that my eagerly anticipated quest to South America must pause after just three weeks on the road. One week ago today I had an accident, resulting in a complex L shoulder fracture. My bike will likely be written off. My shoulder has been pinned back together and I’m now recuperating at a friend’s home in Calgary before returning to Ontario.

From an unfortunate situation, I’ve already received countless blessings, including a Good Samaritan who drove me 90 minutes to the hospital, wonderful friends who have extended their home, excellent medical care and unconditional love and offers of help from too many to mention.

My focus now is on letting my body heal, so you’ll see fewer posts for the next little while. I may never understand why this happened but evidently new opportunities await. I’ll blog and post more in the weeks to come, but for now I heal.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support.


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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  1. Prayers for your speedy recovery Liz! I’m so sorry to hear about the accident, BUT, your attitude and perspective about it are inspiring to say the least. Please post when you can! Even if it’s not from the road, you email/blog entries have become a part of my weekly reading! I enjoy what you have to say. HEAL FAST. And let us know what is revealed to you during this detour. I for one will be watching and waiting to hear.

    • Thank you so much Laura. You are inspiring to me, and especially now, I remember about the blessings in the detours. I certainly wouldn’t have put this on my agenda, but already, there have been so many gifts. I know there is an awesome road ahead and it will be revealed in its time. I really appreciate your support and wisdom.

  2. Oh boy, fortunes change. There will be silver linings for those who continue to strive with integrity, as I know you will. Dang, complex L fracture sounds like some PT will be in order.
    I hope you are comfortable while you are planning no doubt.

    p.s. my 4K sojourn to Mordor (The East)and back completed successfully. My memory to you is: Heading West through the tunnels of Indiana corn with sun on my back. The fog is burning off on the lonely 2 lane highway 10.


    • Thanks Bill. Glad you had just a wonderful time and I love the visual of going through Indiana. You transported me right there.

      I will have rigorous physic ahead but first I have to let a few pieces knit together. 🙂 I am well cared for and the discomfort is manageable.

      Safe travels,

    • Thanks Penny. With all the healing energy I’m receiving I’m sure it’s speeding up the healing process. 🙂


  3. just glad you are still with us
    sad that you cant ride for a while. i have started riding again after my second neck fusion. now have a steel plate and 5 screws in neck.. c3/4 4/5 5/6 done now c7 must be done. wont give up yet. last week i did a Bmw motorad off road course. fell off 3 times in deep soft sand. course was awsome though. stay safe snd heal up. thank you for all you do for ghe biking community. regards. Ronnie

    • I’m glad I wasn’t injured worse too Ronnie. Thanks.

      That course is awesome for learning off-road and on-road skills. You’re a brave man! Ride carefully. 🙂


  4. Liz, I am profoundly sorry but at the same time gratefully joyful that the Universe directed the most damage to your bike. I do not minimize your injuries but rather celebrate your life.

    You have been in my daily prayers since I heard of your accident. I have many words for you but for a time later when your immediate issues are settled.

    Please know you are greatly loved and we collectively focus our energies on your healing.

    Liz, If you need a peaceful place to rest awhile upon your return to us, I extend an invite for you to join me at my dwelling place in Southampton where Lake Huron shares it’s shores.

    You are an amazing and brave woman. This too shall pass.


    • Hi Carol,

      How fortunate that we got that time in person before my departure. I’m touched by your words and extremely grateful for the healing energy you send. That’s what I need most right now. I took quite a hit and it will take a great deal of focus, work and energy to heal. Thank you for your offer and will keep it in mind. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

      Blessings back to you.

  5. Oh crap Liz….I am so sorry this has happened, however, something in the Universe was not right, for you, at this time. I am glad that if it had to happen that you were in or close to Canada. Go slow do not rush back to Ontario unless you are truly ‘good to go’. For pain I would suggest Acupuncture instead pills.
    I am sorry about your bike and gear…I guess it Was time for new.
    Your Spirit Guides and the Universe will let you know when it is time to make a Big travel commitment again. Love and positive thoughts continually. May I make a monetary contribution to the get well Liz Jansen fund??

    • Mary you are indeed an angel. A fast one too! 🙂

      It happened in Canada, mores specifically in Alberta and you’re right – a lot less bureaucratic complexity with that. Gear is fine – hardly a mark on it although I’ll replace the helmet.

      No idea how the rest of this travel will play out and will focus on healing. I’ll know when I know.

      Thank you so much for your generous offer. I’ve got good insurance coverage and will be OK financially. I’m so glad we met and that I have the benefit of your wisdom and experience. Stay well.


  6. Sometimes the real world is friendly and sometimes it isn’t. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Rest and try to relax and let the stress go – you’ll heal quicker. And most of all keep a smile on your face. You may not be happy, but at least people will wonder what you know and they don’t!

  7. Oh, Liz
    Yes , you are truly blessed with such an awesome support from friends , family and good Samaritans . Yes , there must be something else around the corner with this unexpected change of plans that transpired . So happy your on the mend . Keep us posted , sending you positive healing energy to get you through this challenge .
    Take Care ,

    • Hi Sandra – that’s how I’ve got it figured. We never know what’s around the corner anyways (although I didn’t make it around that one corner – lol) and as long as I’m here, there’s work to be done and adventures to be had. I just have to pause for a while. Thanks so much for the positive healing energy – keep sending. That’s what I need. And yes, I’m very fortunate.

  8. Sorry to hear about your accident Liz. I got back on my bike two weeks ago. I’m sure with time and perseverance you will too. Hang in there, keep busy, time will go fast and before you know it you’ll be looking at bikes.

    • Thanks Cheryl. Good for you!! Bet it feels fantastic.
      I was on my way to Namaka when this happened – and not far away. It was the second day in a row I tried and didn’t make it there. Not sure what that’s all about.
      I’m already thinking about the next bike. 🙂 First have to confirm mine is written off so waiting for that appraisal to be done.

  9. Liz!… What a bummer – I’m so sorry to hear this news – however all things happen for a reason – I see truth in that everyday.
    Sounds like thankfully you are in good hands.
    Your a tough lady – this will only add to your many adventurous stories to share!
    Be strong and keep us posted on your speedy recovery!
    <3 Nancy

    • Hi Nancy,

      Yup – a bummer for sure. I said I was going to be open to whatever the road delivered but just wasn’t expecting this. 🙂 I’m in excellent hands and so many good things have happened from this unfortunate event. It’s a speed bump, so now I slow down for a bit to heal while continuing to be open to what the road delivers.

      Have fun and stay safe!

  10. Sorry about your accident but so happy to know that you’re ok Liz. Sounds like you’re already finding many blessings in the spaces and changes. Be well!

    • Thanks Ruth for your kind words. I’m doing well. In the grand scheme of things this is a minor bump in the Road. Most people have dealt with much worse.

  11. Hey Liz, sorry to hear about your accident, and although
    healing will take time, this experience is for sure making you stronger, and more determined to get back on a motorcycle. I hope it’ll be sooner than you expect. Take care…Maria

    • Thanks Maria. Much appreciate your encouragement and support. Riding’s out for the rest of this season and I’ve still got winter to recuperate. Looking forward to riding again sometime next year.

      Safe travels.

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