Don’t Worry – It Wastes Your Life


It turns out the most common regret elders in our society have, is that they regret having spent so much time worrying.


worryHere’s an excerpt from the article which contains wisdom from the experts who have lived it, along with tips on how to reduce worry.


Worry Wastes Your Life


“Over and over, as the 1,200 elders in our Legacy Project reflected on their lives, I heard versions of “I would have spent less time worrying” and “I regret that I worried so much about everything.” Indeed, from the vantage point of late life, many people felt that if given a single “do-over” in life, they would like to have all the time back they spent fretting anxiously about the future.


Their advice on this issue is devastatingly simple and direct: Worry is an enormous waste of your precious and limited lifetime. They suggested training yourself to reduce or eliminate worrying as the single most positive step you can make toward greater happiness. The elders conveyed, in urgent terms, that worry is an unnecessary barrier to joy and contentment. And it’s not just what they said — it’s how they said it.”


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Advice about overcoming worry


Heartwarming stories and advice from people across the country about how they have overcome the worrying habit.


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