7 Essential Ingredients for your Spirit to Thrive

Your spirit is the essence of who you are; the unique blueprint which is your identity; the singular combination of skills, knowledge and attributes that no one else has. Just as your physical body, which houses your spirit while you’re here on earth needs tender loving care, so too does your spirit.

Listening to and heeding your intuition will not only pave the road for joyful living, it will bring out your strengths and attract like-spirited others.

essential-ingredientsFor me, much of this nourishment comes through motorcycling, yet for others, it’s supplied by a variety of activities.

Substitute whatever works best for you for motorcycling. The underlying requirement is that you’re following your heart’s desire.

7 Essential Ingredients for your Spirit to Thrive


  1. Adventure. Following your heart’s calling appeals to the unique, wild nature within you. It brings you to who you are and your connection to all other living things, including the collective wisdom and unlimited power of the universe.


  1. Connection with Spirit. Nothing stills your mind like a motorcycle ride as you embrace the peace of the present moment, where your power and creativity reside. Riding encompasses all your senses, including the sixth one. All that pales in comparison with how riding engages your spirit. You’re enveloped in feelings of peace, euphoria and joy, all rolled into one.It brings you into the now, where nothing except the present moment matters. Riding is great for clearing your mind of clutter and leaving worries and fears behind. Any rider will tell you riding outside of urban areas is a spiritual experience


  1. Freedom. Motorcycling represents freedom for many men and women. New riders get a taste of this as soon as they learn to ride and move even those first few feet under power. With proficiency, the feeling of freedom will grow.Your life paths have no shortages of twists and turns, which is why the motorcycle is ideal to carry you symbolically to where you are going.


  1. Confidence. There’s a certain aura around a competent rider. Their body language exudes confidence, strength, fearlessness, independence and love of life.They have the courage to be who they are and not bow to stereotypes or be stopped by being told they’re too short, too weak or too feminine, or they’ll never learn. They’re skilled, proficient and determined.


  1. Independence. Riding a motorcycle is a solitary pursuit. When you’re riding, it’s you and your motorcycle. Even when you’re riding with a group, you’re alone with your thoughts, your fears and your beliefs.When you ride, you alone make the decisions about how your motorcycle is ridden and where it goes. As you deal successfully with progressive challenges, the successes are yours to claim.


  1. Community. You all seek like-minded spirits, whether physical or spiritual, visible or invisible. Most new riders are amazed at the instant bond and the camaraderie and compassion among riders. Sometimes you’ve been searching for years for the right tribe to join.When you find your clan, though, you discover a common bond from which you not only derive strength as individuals, but also gather that strength to increase the cohesiveness of the community as a whole. This change may begin within a group of like-spirited others, but the effects soon spread to other areas of your life, community and beyond.


  1. Balance. Regardless of your DNA, you all carry feminine and masculine psychic characteristics, distinct from your biological gender. Both are essential to a vibrant life. Their dynamic tension must work together seamlessly in balance and harmony, or you lose power.Historically in western culture, however, these two energies in men and women have been separated to the detriment of one’s authentic self. Just as the masculine has been bred out of females, the feminine has been bred out of males. Even the relationship between rider and machine is a dynamic balance between feminine and masculine energies.

Compare this list of essential ingredients to the activities you devote your best time and energy to. If they’re not supplying these ingredients, step back and assess if what you’re doing is really your calling. If not, then it’s time to do some serious reflection and consider making life changes. If so, fantastic!  Carry on!


The above is based on material in Women, Motorcycles and the Road to Empowerment. To read more, including stories and collective wisdom from a diverse group of women, purchase your signed copy through my website. You can also order a print or kindle copy directly from Amazon.com. Links for other retailers and ebooks here.
photo credit: © 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc


Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

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