9 Signs the Fuel Warning Light Is On

Most bikes have some sort of indicator to alert you that it’s time to top up. This is either a gauge with a fuel warning light or a tap that you switch to the reserve position when fuel is running low. Whatever the case, it’s an indication that it’s time to stop and gas up. Ignoring these warning signs will leave you stranded.

fuel warning lightWe have no indicator lights or fuel tap that tell us to stop and fill up, although we do receive warning signs, often first recognized by others. As we become more self-aware and intuitively astute, we recognize the signs in ourselves earlier and can take proactive measures.


9 Signs the Fuel Warning Light Is On


  1. Fatigue. Chronic fatigue, listlessness and low energy are signs that it’s time to fill up the gas tank. Trying to push through them makes it unnecessarily hard on you, while only making the problem worse.


  1. Anxiety. A feeling of dread that has no rational cause and won’t go away can indicate low energy. Although the cause may be medical, do a realistic self-assessment to see if you’re addressing your energy needs.


  1. Difficulty focusing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with sensory stimuli coming at you from all directions. Being organized, learning to say no and disciplining how you respond to email and social media does wonders in staying focused.


  1. Sleep problems. Sleep is a necessity. It’s not normal to feel sleepy during the day, have problems getting to sleep or wake up feeling tired. Allowing sleep problems to continue can affect physical, mental and emotional health, cause accidents, impair your job performance and create strain in your relationships.


  1. Aches and Pains. Prolonged or frequent back aches, headaches and shoulder pain are signs of stress and a sign from your body that you need a break. While medications can relieve the symptoms, they don’t address the problem. It’s better to stop, identify the underlying cause and treat it, rather than letting it continue unchecked.


  1. Mood changes. Physical signs aren’t the only type of warning that reserves are running low. Emotional changes such as Irritability, restlessness or sadness are also indicators.


  1. Self-doubt. An overloaded schedule and a feeling you can’t keep up, lead to deteriorating performance at work or home. Eventually, you’ll begin to doubt your own abilities to accomplish what once was easily within your grasp.


  1. Behavior extremes. Overeating, under-eating, overusing drugs and alcohol are behaviors used to cope with stress. Ironically, food is an energy source but when used to compensate for a perceived deficit, it’s detrimental to your health.


  1. Social withdrawal. Emotionally, physically and mentally spent, you don’t feel like being around other people. Sure, there are times when you want to be alone. However, if you notice a pattern of increasing isolation, it’s time to take corrective action.

Running out of fuel can affect your body, thoughts, feelings and behavior. Recognizing common symptoms can alert you to pull over and fuel up before health problems strand you. Physical activity, relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga are effective ways to re-energize.


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