Getting on the Road—The First Week

Moving out of the driveway and getting on the road wasn’t so bad after all. Everything that had to be done was done, things that needed to be stored were packed away, Measha was at her vacation home, and my bike was packed.

It’s been a beautiful week‑both from a weather perspective and the experiences, although I’ve realized I don’t have the same stamina I once did. Four hundred miles in a day wears me out. I’m going to attribute it to acclimatizing to the road and expect it to get better as I get my pace. That doesn’t take away from the wonderful experiences I’ve had already this week.

photo 1
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It started with my friend Barbara Wynd coming to Tobermory to see me off on the Chi Cheemaun ferry to Manitoulin Island.

IMG_2829 Batman's campground sm

Then it was a lovely drive through the special land of Manitoulin, before stopping to camp at Batman’s Campground. How could I not stay? It really wasn’t as tacky as the mane implies and it was right on a lake, under a clear blue sky.

IMG_2832 Bruce MInes lunch sm
IMG_2847 Candies sm

One of the highlight’s from Tuesday happened at lunch. I’d stopped on the north Channel between Lake Huron and Michigan at Bruce Mines marina where there was a covered picnic area. It wasn’t soon until I was no longer alone. A new-to-Canada family pulled up in their van and three children, a picnic basket and a grill burst out. The youngest, ran right over to my bike, so of course with eyes wide open, the others followed. With their parent’s permission, they each got a chance to sit on it. As I was leaving, they ran over with this gift of candies. I told them I liked strawberries so they gave me more.

IMG_2839 Daisy sm
IMG_2841 Pancake Bay Dunes sm

Home for the night was picturesque Pancake Bay Provincial Park, on the shore of Lake Superior. Known for it’s potential for fierceness, it chose to show a more serene side. And how nice to arrive with a gift from a secret admirer!

IMG_2842 Driftwood sm
IMG_2843 Shoreline sm

IMG_2845 Pancake Bay sm
IMG_2844 Pancake Bay beach sm

The water was crystal clear and still. You could barely tell where the water stopped and the dry sand began, except for the occasional gentle lapping. I wondered where this driftwood had started its life.

Wednesday was a day of riding along Superior’s spectacular, remote and rugged north shore. The scenery was spectacular and the truckers outstandingly courteous and caring.

IMG_2853 TF sm
IMG_2855 Terry Fox Office sm

Heading out on Thursday, I knew I had to stop at the Terry Fox Memorial. I’ve been here before and it never fails to inspire. A fitting tribute to a courageous person who is still influencing a steady stream of people.

IMG_2856 Picnic spot Atikokan sm
IMG_2857 K&S Deck sm

Later it was back on the bike for 300 kilometres of riding bliss from Thunder Bay to Fort Frances. While there are straight sections, most of it is gentle curves and hills through rock cuts, between lakes, rivers, and forests. And there is very little traffic—only a few logging trucks and vacationers. Mostly I had the road to myself.  I stopped around the half way point for lunch on a remote lake, before ending the day with friends who have a lovely home on the Rainy River, just west of  Fort Frances.  They’ll be showing me the local sights over the next few days and I’ll pass them along!


Author, writer, student and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

10 Comments on “Getting on the Road—The First Week

  1. Lizzie, know that I’m riding with you in spirit! Loving the pictures and the many many more to come! Namaste!!!

  2. Woohoo, so happy to hear your adventure has begun! Great photos, looking forward to seeing more. Safe travels Liz, looking forward to seeing you in California! 🙂

    • Hey Debi – Barely started but the main thing is, I’m started. Now stopped for a few days with friends. Yes – looking forward to seeing you soon!

    • Thanks Bridget. Every step puts us on ground we’ve never been on before. I’m drinking copious amounts! Take care, Liz

  3. Liz!I’m really happy that all is going great. You are one great Lady.What courage.
    Go Lady go.So nice to follow You on Your path.We do have to admit , that We are not 30 or 40 any more, and 400 miles is just to much some days. But we keep going . Right???
    I admire You Liz.

    • Hi Maria – I’ve just never noticed it to the same extent before. But then, one of the things I’m doing is listening to my body more and not pushing so hard as has been my practice. It’s pointless, yet habit. So there’s a re-prioritization going on and a slowing down so I can appreciate more present moments without being drained! Yes we keep going! Hopefully wiser. 🙂

      Thanks for your support and insights.


  4. What a great start to your trip Liz. Will continue to follow as you travel along. Have a safe journey, if you see Emily in BC, give her a big hug for me.

    • Hey Gwen – great to hear from you. I read your mind!! I saw Emily yesterday and gave her a hug for me and one from you too!