99 First Impressions of Women Riders

Events for Women’s Month take place throughout March, with March 8th designated officially as International Women’s Day – started in the ’20’s to recognize women’s issues. It’s now celebrated globally throughout the world – and it inspired our Ladies Night theme for Motorcycle Mojo Magazine’s FaceBook  earlier this week.

women ridersMotorcycle Mojo Magazine Fans were asked, “What’s your impression when you see a woman rider?” Here’s how they responded.

99 First Impressions of Woman Riders

  1. YouMotorcycle This could be my next ex girlfriend!
  2. Stephanie M.  YESSS!!!!! About time women took the reins (so to speak)!
  3. John T.  Not a problem! looks like that tail of the dragon, I know that road well!
  4. Walter J. Sexy as hell
  5. Noel H. Cool
  6. Doug C. I see another Bro/ sisa out enjoying the ride and wind , and wishing I was out there too!
  7. Ian H. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do….oh what a feelin
  8. Tom C. Good for her!
  9. Brenda B. Good, there’s another one of us.
  10. Chris P. Sexy
  11. Nancy M. Smart and fun
  12. Ed L. Cool!
  13. Martin S. Hot
  14. Gordon H. She shows confidence. I like that.
  15. Suhaymath N. At the risk of sounding a bit odd, I don’t have an impression. For me, seeing a woman riding a motorcycle is downright normal. I can’t pinpoint exactly why that is, but I suspect having ridden with women many times (including demo rides led by women who could seriously ride) contributed.
  16. Karen G. Woohooooo!
  17. Helena K. I am happy for her, and then I smile.
  18. Liz J.  You make an excellent point Suhaymath – the environment you are used to riding in/learned to ride in makes a big difference.
  19. Joseph B.  Nothing special, just another rider. Why are we supposed to stop and give them a round of applause ?
  20. Allen R. I think it’s GREAT!!!
  21. Brandy B. I am always happy to see another female rider. I can’t tell you how many times I am the only female on the ride or even at meet ups.
  22. Cynthia D. You go girl.
  23. Tanya M. Hello Sista!!!
  24. Thomas S. Sexy as hell
  25. Frank B. Hot damn!
  26. Monet B. Ride on, Sister!
  27. Nicole B.  Welcome to the good life!
  28. Wayne L.  depends on how fast she’s going
  29. Ursula B. I am happy but girls have been on motorcycles right from the beginning! Pretty sure most of  You have seen those vintage photos!
  30. Joanna M. cool
  31. Jim R. None
  32. Joe L. hello fellow rider
  33. Gabriela M. Love it!
  34. Kathy B. Gee what kind of bike is she riding? How many miles has she ridden, what’s her favorite ride. Where did she get her jacket blah blah blah
  35. Bruno G. Good for her
  36. Cheryl V.  Cool. That’s a chic!
  37. Charli K. You GO girl!!
  38. Henri S.  Liberty for her.
  39. France G.  love it-let me take you on buddy
  40. Glenn R. It reminds me of when I use to ride at Plant 2 with Blair Sharpless.
  41. Rolando L.  Nice! I love it.
  42. Ian M. frickin eh..
  43. Lorraine BH. Living life the way she wants!
  44. Boyd I. I like her attitude.
  45. Mike H.  Awright…..I like a fast woman….lol
  46. Diane HD Love it !
  47. Tara D. Ride on Sista!
  48. Dianne H. Having the time of her life, why not !!
  49. Earl K. Great!
  50. Brian C. my wife’s BIG grin ridin’ her Beemer!
  51. Glenn S. Awesome.
  52. Britton T. ask me during spring break :o)
  53. Brian S.  way too much emphasis on this. So a girl can ride a motorcycle so what. what do you say when you see a gal driving a car, truck, semi, bus, whatever. This is not a big deal hear folks we are in the 21st century, now like ladies vote, smoke drink, etc. I have seen women riding bikes for over 30 years, what’s new about this?
  54. Tami K.  Wish that was me ,come on Summer
  55. Viola W.  Welcome all lady riders.
  56. Gerald B. is she single?
  57. Bryan K. A free spirit.
  58. Paul T.  I want to know what she rides and what she thinks of it so when the women in my life ask about riding I might have some info. A woman riding a motorcycle: not really an issue anymore. A woman riding a motorcycle that fits. That I want to hear about. I want to hear how she likes her gear. Then, like any other motorcyclist, I want her to tell me about her favorite local ride.
  59. Marilyn G.  my Sister
  60. Linda S. Fantastic!!!!!!
  61. Edward F. J
  62. Gilles B.  tres beau
  63. Dominic B. Hot!
  64. Brian D. Sweet
  65. Tina CM– I have to say Paul Turner, your attitude is great to see/hear. Far too many fellas believe they should choose a lady’s bike for them & end up deterring a woman from doing something she loves. Kudos to you & those who think your way! As for people who think because a woman is smaller, they can’t lift a big bike…..ANYONE can lift a bike if they know how to do it PROPERLY. I’ve personally seen many very small women lift very large bikes. One sister in mind is 4ft 8 & lifted a 900lb police special Victory without the least trouble.
  66. Doc Roberts I smile and wave.
  67. Lorne M. Usually just “ah, another kindred spirit on a bike”,.. Often it’s not obvious whether it’s a chick or a dude anyway. Gotta admit though, I was really impressed out at horseshoe bay a couple weeks ago. I rode out there for lunch and was sitting there’s at Starbucks,.. this tiny woman came by for a coffee,.. She might have been 95 lbs soaking wet. Tight fitting black spandex head to toe, with a couple hi- viz reflective bands on her elbows. I didn’t think much of it a first, I thought she was geared up for a bicycle. Then when she left she crossed the street and fired up this big Harley cruiser(1600 c perhaps?) she balanced it like the best and drove it away smooth as silk, like it was a luxury car. Very impressive.
  68. Annie K. I think: oh she’s awesome! More women should ride.
  69. Lorne M. It might have been a sportster 1200 ,.. impressive none the less,
  70. Christopher G. It usually doesn’t register on me. I just think, “oh, look, there’s another rider!”
  71. Mike S. Perhaps we should treat everyone as a rider male or female.
  72. Michelle GZ. I’m pretty sure this is Jenn Martin!!!! And yes she rocks!!! Cheif motorcycle instructor at Georgian College.
  73. Roni C. thought to myself… why aren’t I don’t that?
  74. Darlene D. Courage, determination and empowerment, I know it sounds like shlock, but having started riding later in life that is what I felt and what I think when I see other female motorcyclists. I appreciate the journey and what it takes to get there because most of the time we are dealing with what people still think we should be in terms of society and the range of misconceptions about motorcycling and what it is to be be a female motorcyclist.
  75. Wayne N. HOT!
  76. Randy A. Chicks of Anarchy! I like that!!!!!
  77. Chris B. riiiiiiiiiiight on!!!! that’s what I think when I see other women riders…
  78. Chris T. I wish I’d have met them thirty years ago! (Or less if they’re not that old…)
  79. Linda S. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!
  80. June E. She’s strong, and not afraid of doing exactly what she enjoys. My daughter also rides a bike and she looks great on it as well. Oh it’s also a Harley and suits her to a Tee..
  81. Brian L. My wife and I rode to Alaska for our honeymoon. do you really need more than that?
  82. Mary WT Enjoyed my bike!
  83. Adrienne M. Thinking she better get a Harley!!!! Lol
  84. Buddy E. Good for her!
  85. Paul L. Cool. The more the merrier.
  86. Faye W.  She has courage!
  87. Lynne V.  Gutsy.. Seems like it was only men driving motorcycles, however that is changing. In Port Dover on Friday the 13 ths a lot of women have their own motorcycles.
  88. Beata P. I love it
  89. Jill TB. My first thought would be: Is that Michelle?
  90. Charles W. awesome
  91. Geoff S. My first thought is usually…Cool, a potential riding buddy without a giant ego.
  92. Heidi R. you go girl…->->->
  93. Robyn GW. I certainly feel envious. Lucky girl!
  94. Tom N. AWESOME!
  95. Michelle GZ Jill TB  Yes our pony tails are the same but I have a KLR650..we’ve confuse people with our hair and our jeeps lol.
  96. Darylene F. I want one
  97. Patricia T.  cool you go girl lol
  98. Hollie-Star L. Sweetness, lol
  99. Glenn C. Who is hotter?


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