9 Signs You’re Not Living Authentically

After being away from the new motorcycle market for many years, I’d lost touch with what was available. Although the bike I purchased to get back into riding served its purpose, it was not suited to my style. After two seasons, I traded it for a something more versatile, practical and sporty. It was much more me and created a totally different riding experience.

Living authenticallyAt age forty-eight, I realized I was in the wrong role in both my marriage and my career. Outwardly, both appeared very successful. Inwardly, I was a zombie inside a shell of myself. I knew I had to make changes or my life energy would continue to dwindle.

Arriving at that point took years of questioning, angst and soul-searching. Much as I knew it would be difficult, the price to stay was too great. It was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life and I was the only one who could make the change.


9 Signs You’re Not Living Authentically


  1. Fatigue. You have no energy and feel tired and dragged out all the time. You’re resisting your true calling and the energy required for resistance is leaving room for little else.


  1. Inertia. You lack interest or desire to make a change. It feels like you’re walking through quicksand.


  1. Low self-confidence. Because you’re not using your unique gifts as they were meant to be used, you question your ability to make a change. The longer you go down the wrong road, the more it erodes your confidence.


  1. Low self-esteem. Having cast yourself in the wrong role, you can’t serve as you were meant to serve. Consequently, you feel you’re not doing anything of value or making a difference. Yet your self-esteem and confidence are so low, you’re afraid you won’t be able to do any better.


  1. Feeling dissatisfied. You feel discontented, unhappy and disappointed with life. Perhaps even angry or resentful. From one who’s been there, no magic fairy is going to come along and make things right. You’ve got to make the change.


  1. Feeling trapped. You’re not learning anything new, there’s no promotion in sight, you’ve got a dead end job, maybe a dead end relationship. Financially, you have to stay to pay the bills. You count the days until it’s over.


  1. Negativity. You’re surrounded by people who create a toxic environment, attracted by your own state of mind. The good news is, they’re your teachers. Listen to what they’re telling you about yourself and learn from them.


  1. Dread. You drag yourself out of bed and reluctantly prepare for a day you dread, procrastinating and looking for excuses not to be present.


  1. Intuition. You know this is not you. This is not how you were meant to live. Much as you rationalize and try and still that voice, it’s very persistent and patient. And it’s always right.


Living authentically takes courage, diligence and patience. It’s not easy and it’s something you’re developing your whole life. Even though the Road of authenticity has areas of construction, ultimately, it’s a road of vibrancy, joy and peace.

When you take a wrong turn, you and you alone have the power to get back on track. You’ve got all the power you need and it’s readily accessible. The choice is up to you.




photo credit: Robin Norgren via photopin cc



Author, writer, and student Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery.

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