15 Riders Let Us Look inside Their Motorcycle Gear Closet

by Liz Jansen

Gear is worn to protect us from the elements and the road.  Both have many variables, even within one ride, so how do you prepare?  We asked the readers of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, “What’s the minimum gear you’ll have in your closet? How do you decide which pieces to purchase? When do you know it’s time to replace your gear?”


motorcycle gear15 Riders Let Us Look inside Their Motorcycle Gear Closet

Photo Credit: Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

  1. Catharine SD.  I have 2 helmets, both Arai one DualSport and one full face for the cold weather riding.


  1. Linda Y. On long trips I wear full gear. Gloves, jacket pants and boots. Around home mess jacket. Only on occasion I wear jeans


  1. Ursula B.  leather jacket, textile jacket with armor , 1/2 helmet, 3/4 helmet, chaps that have been used only once  I prefer leather “over the knee” boots. gauntlet gloves , for summer fingerless gloves , sunglasses and for night clear safety glasses so bugs do not ping me in the eyes!


  1. Brenda B. I guess I miss understood. I wear full gear, all the time , whatever the weather.


  1. Tim M.  2 street helmets,4 motocross helmets, 2pce leathers, a few riding jackets ,lots of motocross gear, street & motocross boots & lots of odds & ends but always upgrading


  1. Brenda B.  I have 2 helmets, 3 joe rockets with armour, 1 leather jacket, 1 pr. of vented pants with armour and chaps,2 pr. of boots.


  1. Brian L.  Got it all. from leather jeans and textile mesh jacket to full Olymia Motorsport gear to full race leathers and back protector. the race leathers and one Olympia jacket have been tested and they held up. However the boot that was crushed between my bike and the car was toast as was the other boot that protected my leg from the barb wire fence. Adventure touring boots may look dorky to some but they worked for me.


  1. Noel H  Minimum gear is a modular helmet, (Shoei neotech), Textile Jacket which is waterproof, (BMG Challenger at this point), Hein Gerke leather jeans, Gerbings jacket liner, Viberg boots, Pioneer rain pants, Tourmaster cold weather gauntlets, River Road driving gloves, helmet liner I bought years ago at a BMW rally.


  1. Lindsay T.  Helmets 2 street, 2 race and 1 off road, MX boots, roadrace boots, street boots, 2 1 piece race leather suits, off road armour and pants, more gloves than I can count include a few without partners, Way more stuff than a sane person should have.


  1. John A.  AGATT. And being a Canuck that means more to extend riding season.


  1. Wayne N.  I always wear: helmet, gloves, jacket, jeans & boots…rain gear when needed…haven’t bought riding pants yet, probably should…but that is my minimum


  1. Frank B,  All new gear this year! Hopefully there are deals to be had at the Montreal motorcycle show 2014!


  1. Danielle B  Oh I didn’t even think about motocross gear… lots o that! Two sizes of a full sets of summer and mid-season gear (California does have its advantages) but only one helmet and one pair if boots


  1. John L.  I have a complete list of everything I may need and I check it off with every trip, There is over 50 things on the list depending on the length of the trip,weather expected,etc. etc.


  1. Henri D.  All the gear, all the time! Even though it’s only 5km to work, I often take the loooong way home. Have leather jacket & leather pants in the closet, but currently use textile jacket & pants, also full-face modular helmet. Prefer snugly laced boots for support.


They’ve shown you theirs! Now it’s your turn. What’s in your motorcycle gear closet?





Healer, author, and motorcycle aficionado Liz Jansen combines her artistic mediums to create stories that inspire readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery. No helmet or jacket required.

2 Comments on “15 Riders Let Us Look inside Their Motorcycle Gear Closet

  1. I have 2 leather jackets , 1 black , 1 brown , with matching chaps , a vented fair weather riding jacket , Electric gloves , electric vest , goose down vest , cooling vest for hot summer riding , numerous pairs of gloves, gauntlet , shorty , fingerless and neoprene for the rain . I always have my rain gear packed in my bags at all times . It can be used for rain or wind protection , also I wear Gortex boots and or rain gators as needed . Also I have a cloth , leather , and neoprene bandana to cover any exposed skin below my shorty visor . ( For fashion and protection I have leather pants , leather vests ) A must to carry also is an umbrella and rain cover for my seat , a few rags , first aid stuff , a flashlight with extra batteries and an extra battery for my key fob as well as my spare key and a quart of oil and a disk for my kick stand and bungee cords to strap down any purchases made on the road to my rack . For long distance travel I have a quick release tour pack for my road king that carries my clothes ,

    • I want to go riding with you Sandra! 🙂 Lots of GREAT tips here. Thank you. Glad you can enjoy it all year. I’m enjoying a blizzard and frigid temps.

      Safe travel. Thanks for your great tips.


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